Bigs Ideas: Logic and Science – Life, Despite the great first compendium of science mathematics History, elements, intends to defeat myth Divination.

Doubt by knowing and using Reason and logic Nelo Master Blanco. He didn’t hesitate to train as a sports science degree after six years of professionalizing his passion for it Charm in the year 2000.

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Namely, the mathematical equation for the Spaniards is 50 percent rigorous science and 50 percent magic. Hence he came in his book Paradoxes and Axioms. Mathematical Logic and Its Foundations – the fifth installment of the Great Ideas Collection for Mathematics arriving tomorrow with EL TIEMPO – presents axioms, logical operations, and demonstrations as the main elements of mathematics (with the removal of that being numbers, arithmetic and other “props”) and allies for controlling uncertainty.

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To prove it, the creator of the Divermates Project (which links mathematics with magic to make topic depth a more accessible and fun question, through games, theater, creativity, and instruction) is doing a historical reconstruction of the key elements mentioned in this topic, from 300a. Jim (period dating to the present day Euclid’s geometric and mathematical treatise, The Elements), and, as a good magician, releases his letters to the future of mankind.

“Machines will certainly be able to perform very complex calculations in a precise and rigorous way, but that will only happen when they work for us. Doing math does not mean operations. Doing math is building elegant proofs and solving complex problems, and so far, machines haven’t learned to perform these. Tasks ”, the author reflects on the human interest in the automation of thinking.

Paradoxes and axioms. Mathematical logic and its foundations, by Nelo Alberto Master Blanco, will be circulated tomorrow with EL TIEMPO, worth 24900 pesos in store chains, bookstores or with your trusted seller; You can also buy it by calling 4266000 (option 3) – in Bogotá – at 018000110990 (nationwide) or through