Addressing to Launching Ceremony of Manufacturing Electric Motorcycles in July, PM said. “This launch of the Electric-motorcycle is a futuristic step as the government’s EV policy depicts a direction for the future. An introduction of Electric Motorcycles is a component of the Government’s Five-year approved Pakistan EV Policy from 2020 to 2025,”

By Arsalan Ahmad

Yes, the most important aspect is the economy of Electric motorcycles. Therefore, we need to understand the purchasing power of the common man. And dynamics of the Pakistani market. The current prices of Motor Cycles range from 55-60 to 80 thousand Rupees. While Honda produces around 45 to 55 % of the total motorcycles produced annually.

Out of the total sales, 60 % or more are on the basic of instalment ; in the organized or unorganized sector. Hundreds of different instalment companies and city wise system are operative at the moment in the whole country.

The main question arises that the customers have to raise 50 to 80 thousand Rupees. Which is becoming a problem day by day with the increase in prices. Every now and then as rest, the market is drifting towards the instalment sector.

Government Policies for Citizens

The issue is what would be the biggest advantage and incentive for the customer ; to switch over to Electric Bikes at most double the cost. Moreover, the fuel-saving element is marginal as presently people pay 25, 50 to 100 Rupees; at the most for daily operation or even less.

Asking an individual to pay double the price of an Electric Vehicle ;and get the fuel advantage does not seem attractive as per middle-class citizen. The prime issue is the upfront payment on a cash purchase or instalment compared to daily saving of fuel. In view of the countrywide survey conducted by a reputed company for multinational investment.

What we need is out of box solutions for proper penetration into the Pakistani Market. Only can give play a positive role ; if it’s want EV seriously the best solution would be the import of Cebu EV. Electric Motor Cycle sales allowed on 1 per cent duty and sale tax for at least next 3 years; to get at least 5 to 10 lakh EV on the road. After then gradually increase duties on import in the country.
Finally, the investors encouraged to invest in real-time E-motorcycles rather than makeshift arrangements by that time ;on converting CD and it like models on EV.

Companies Launching Electric Motorcycles

Some Motor Cycles Pakistani companies such as Jolta Electric join hands for a collective voice to pressurize the Government to get incentives and benefits like 4 wheelers which have a forceful body to get achieved their objectives.
Soon Jolta Electric shall launch energy-efficient models including Scooty and Sport Bikes. These Electric Bikes would be charged overnight with advanced Features of no-Clutch and gear with low maintenance.

Further in last Month, Jolta Electric launches its first E-Bike JE-70. The price is relatively affordable at 82,500 PKR with a maximum Speed Limit of 60 Km/h. At last Jolta Electric CEO’s claims that after purchasing the bike only cost 1000 Rs/month as a comparison to 70 CC petrol-driven bikes; which is 4,000 to 5,000 PKR. Hence, the Customer will save 4,000 Rs/Month. Finally, he summed up that if this bike would be imported despite tax incentives the price tag would be 100,000 Rs as a comparison to 82,500.

In short, our country local needs with cheap EVs would be fed up through commercialization in the near future. As Government receives 17 applications from various companies for the local assembly of E-Motorcycles in the Country. The competitions would enhance the purchasing power of Citizens.


By Arsalan Ahmad

Arsalan Ahmad is a Research Engineer working on 2-D Materials, graduated from the Institute of Advanced Materials, Bahaudin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan. LinkedIn: