Celebrities in Hollywood often attend huge events hosted by influential persons in the industry. Along with them are famous models, artists, directors, and absolutely anyone with a big name in the show business. These events serve as an opportunity for celebrities to show off the luxury items they have been collecting all the time.

They tend to show off high-end jewelry, luxurious accessories, custom-made clothing from a famous brand, a pair of limited edition shoes, and a timepiece from the most exquisite brand. If you wonder which luxury items celebrities will most likely collect, keep reading. We will give you the six ultra-luxury items in every celebrities’ collection!


1.Luxury Watches

Celebrities are busy persons who need to track their time in between their appointments. On a typical movie or show taping, they will most likely wear their not-so-extravagant timepiece from cheap luxury watch brands. But in huge events wherein all celebrities and famous people will gather, they will most likely pick their most treasured watch in their timepiece collections. It can be the most expensive or the most sophisticated timepiece. Most of the time, celebrities show off in these events with Nomos, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Tirer, or Rolex on their wrist. For instance, Usher is a famous singer who wears a Tiret watch that costs around 250,000 dollars. He shows it off in a huge event showcasing his customized and extravagant luxury timepiece with 1,106 precious stones and 10 carats of diamonds.


2.Unique and Customized Clothing

Celebrities also have their fashion statement. Unlike typical people, they need to look unique in their way which will eventually gain their signature look. In this way, they need to have their clothing planned by their fashion stylists and have it customized. Celebrities will most likely wear designer clothes from famous brands during simple tapings and the likes. But in huge events such as concerts, they usually wear customized clothing that costs a thousand bucks. Beyonce, a famous American singer and songwriter, for example, wears an extravagant pair of Balenciaga leggings in one of her performances at the BET Awards. It was made up of real gold that costs around 100,000 dollars. She stunned the audience with her unique outfit and overwhelming performance.


3.Tooth Accessories

Some people will say that our smile is the most attractive make-up that we would want to wear. Celebrities also stunned their fans as they wore their brightest smiles. They use tooth accessories to make their smiles shine brighter than the others. Lil Wayne, a famous American rapper, had worn special grills on his teeth that made his smile the apple of the eye of the crowd. These grills are made up of a special set of gold and diamond which is absolutely an attention catcher anywhere he goes. Truly, people’s smiles are also one of the most luxurious accessories. Lil Wayne just proved it at the very moment he flexes his smile covered with precious diamonds.


4.Diamond Rings

There are already many celebrities who showed off their highly expensive diamond rings on the red carpet. Rings are a nice addition to an outfit. That has been the reason why celebrities also love to flex their most treasured rings in huge events. For instance, Rachel Zoe, whose husband has gifted her a 10-carat diamond ring, never missed the chance to wear a stunning ring on the red carpet. It costs around 300,000 dollars which causes her to be the center of attraction in the event. That ring is so gorgeous that anyone will surely keep an eye on its diamond. Another celebrity who rocks an exquisite ring is Mariah Carey. She wears a 35-carat diamond engagement ring from her fiance, and it retails around 10 million dollars! 


5.Sneaker Shoes

Believe it or not, the fashion sense in today’s generation is truly unpredictable. Some celebrities had chosen to flex their sneakers on the red carpet instead of high-end high heels full of diamonds or crystals. Just like you, celebrities also show their preference towards the comfortable but versatile-looking sneakers that they can flex even if they are wearing a gown or a dress. They like to wear it to showcase a little bit of simplicity or versatility on some of the huge events that they have been attending. For example, Kelly Rowland wears sneakers under her Tulle gown in the 2017 Wearable Art Gala. Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown rocks a discreet and plain Converse under her Calvin Klein dress in the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Toni Collete also flexes her very own Adidas sneakers in the Los Angeles Film Festival. Truly, the power of sneakers is out of control as it pairs even with the most gorgeous looking outfits conventionally meant for high heels.

6.Stunning Necklaces

Of course, a necklace will always have its spot in every celebrity luxury item collection. A necklace is easily seen especially if it suits the outfit. It also instantly catches attention even in far distances. What more if it has diamonds in it that can make it more stunning? An example is Victoria Beckham who is a famous singer and designer. She flexed her diamond necklace that costs an unbelievable 8 million dollars! This necklace was purchased by the high-end and luxury brand Bulgari, and it just makes her the most stunning celebrity among the crowd. 

In a Nutshell

Celebrities are also fashion icons. They wear the most exquisite and expensive items, especially during huge events. For instance, some would wear expensive and high-end watches from luxury watch brands. Others prefer unique and customized clothing to show off their unique fashion sense. Tooth accessories were also used by other celebrities to spice up their smiles. For some, a sneaker shoe to showcase a little bit of simplicity, versatility, and class is better. Last but not the least, diamond rings and necklaces which stun the crowd have never been out of hype. 

Whichever luxury items you would love to have from the list, make sure to pick the one that will give you the celebrity look you have been aiming for!