Facebook rolls out cloud games on Apple devices via a web app

Facebook on Friday released cloud games on Apple devices via a web app for the Safari browser, e sign that the social network is continuing to double down on gaming even if it collides with Apple over new rules.

Facebook rolls out cloud games on Apple devices via a web app

People can play cloud game immediately on a mobile device or web browser without having to download they.

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of Facebook move comes after social network raised concerns about Apple updates to its cloud gaming policy, which said that every streaming game must be submitted to the App Store as a single app for review.

The policy noted, however, that web browser apps it could be used to reach users outside of the App Store. Use a web the app is also a tactic that other companies, such as Microsoft and Amazon, choose to launch the cloud games on Apple devices.

“We came to the same conclusion as the others: web apps they are the only ones option for cloud streaming games on iOS at the moment, “Vivek Sharma, vice president of Facebook Gaming, he said in a declaration.

“As many have pointed out out, Apples policy to ‘allow’ cloud games on the App Store no allow for a lot to everyone. “Sharma added that Apple cloud gaming policy creates “roadblocks” that prevent people to discover” new games, playing through-device and access to high quality games immediately in native iOS apps. “

In a tweet, Facebook outlined how to play the cloud games on an Apple device.

Some of the games Facebook featured include Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, Risk: Global Domination, and LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, but may not be available in Certain locations.

Facebook said that even if the web the app is available in all over the world, cloud games can only be played in the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. Users who they are not in those areas can play HTML5 games in the web app.

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