Jolta E-Bike JE-70 70cc Price, Specifications in Pakistan

With countries all around the globe taking the initiative towards a cleaner and greener world, Pakistan has joined the movement and released its first locally made Jolta E-Bike JE-70.

Jolta E-Bike JE-70 70cc Price, Specifications in Pakistan

By Muhammad Usman Siddiqui

This bike is entirely indigenous without any foreign funding and joint ventures from other countries. It has received praises from people all over the country, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, who inaugurated the bike in Islamabad on July 8.

The Jolta E-Bike JE-70 is remarkable and has some fantastic features. Not only is it cheap, but it can also help you save lots of money per month as you won’t have to buy expensive petrol every day. This has led several people to make immediate bookings for the JE-70 as they hope to save the environment and save some of their hard-earned money.

You can find out all about the bike’s features and specifications along with people’s reviews on it down below.

Jolta E-Bike JE-70 Specifications

The JE- 70L electric bike has several unique features which will make you want to buy one immediately. Instead of purchasing petrol every day, you will only have to charge the bike’s battery for three hours (it takes two units of electricity to charge completely, which costs approximately 50 rupees).

The bike can travel 80 kilometers when fully charged in Eco Mode and 60 kilometers in Turbo Mode. It has 1000W power with a maximum speed of 60 km/hr when the road is plain and clear. If the road is inclined, the bike can have a maximum speed of 10-20 km/hr.

Jolta E-Bike JE-70 Advantages over Petrol Bikes

JE-70L electric bike is superior to traditional Petrol bikes for several reasons. The bike’s main advantage is its noise-free and pollution-free nature, which is extremely important for the environment. Additionally, it is light on the pocket and requires minimal maintenance. The e-bike is also easy to use and more comfortable than traditional bikes.

Jolta E-Bike JE-70 Price

Since it is locally produced, the JE-70L is quite reasonably priced at 82,500 rupees. Additionally, only 1000 rupees per month are required for maintenance, unlike gas bikes requiring petrol worth 5000 rupees and other maintenance charges.

The battery used in the bikes is also relatively cheap as it only costs 20000 rupees and lasts for a minimum of 2.5 years. Hence, you will not even have to worry about spending thousands per year on buying a new battery.

Jolta E-Bike JE-70 Reviews

The electric bike has been an absolute hit among people, and several bookings for it have been confirmed. Mostly, teachers, students, and courier services show interest along with people living in remote areas as they only need to travel small distances.

These low-maintenance bikes are currently being manufactured for public use. One thousand bikes are being produced per month, but the goal is to produce at least 6000 bikes per month by December. This is as per Pakistan’s 5 year EV Policy which states that 30 percent of all vehicles should be electric by 2030.

What’s next?

According to the manufacturing company, Jolta Electric, the JE-70L is just the beginning. They are also going to release some extremely powerful high-end electric bikes, which will outrank even 150cc bikes. Their end goal is to provide electric bikes which will be comparable to three and four-wheeled vehicles.

Originally published at Chronicles news