These Crackdowns Nothing Necessarily New, They Forcing Bulk Buyers Of RTX 3060 Graphics Cards To Resell Stock They’ve Purchased In Droves.

By Hirun Cryer

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards are suddenly cheaper, and there’s a very good reason why. As The Block first reported recently, cryptocurrency hackers based in China have been facing crackdowns from the government. While These Crackdowns Are Nothing Necessarily New, They Are Forcing Bulk Buyers Of RTX 3060 Graphics Cards To Resell The Stock They’ve Purchased In Droves, rendering the graphics cards to be sold for as little as $270 on trading websites.

This hasn’t just meant a drop in price and rise in stock for the RTX 3060 graphics cards, however. Cryptocurrency miners, in China and elsewhere, have been purchasing graphics cards of all sorts to recoup their investments, resulting in Nvidia’s entire new line of graphics cards being relatively hard to come by, for the past few months in particular.

However, this might not necessarily be the good news you think it is. Although Cryptocurrency Miners In China Are Selling Off Their Supply Of RTX 3060 And Other Graphics Cards, Toms Guide reports that many of these listings are actually for bulk orders of the graphics cards. Since the cryptocurrency miners themselves are trying to sell off all their stock in one fell swoop, they’re resorting to listing their stock in bulk to try and shift it as quickly as possible.

This news was originally published at Games Radar.