First electric vehicle charging station inaugurated

Shell Pakistan Limited (SPL) and K-Electric (KE) today inaugurated the first Rapid Charging station with a capacity of 50 kWh for Electric Vehicles at the Shell Askari-4 forecourt located at Rashid Minhas Road.

First electric vehicle charging station inaugurated

This initiative follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both companies earlier this year; pursuant to which, Shell will establish Electric-Vehicle (EV) Charging Station at strategic locations in Karachi, and KE, in its capacity as Karachi’s sole power supplier, will ensure enhanced power supply to the agreed locations.

A special demonstration of the rapid-charging process was given to stakeholders attending the inauguration ceremony to provide product knowledge, training, and test drives.

Speaking at the inauguration, Taha Magrabi, General Manager Retail of Shell Pakistan Limited stated that: “Shell Recharge in Pakistan is a step towards cleaner energy solutions and is in line with the government’s strategy to promote electric vehicles in Pakistan.

We are most pleased to collaborate with K-Electric, who share our passion to innovate.  It is fundamental for industry players to come together to pave way for cleaner mobility solutions for customers.”

K-Electric’s Chief Strategy Officer, Naz Khan also expressed her pleasure on the operational launch of this visionary initiative and said: “Currently, 46% of Pakistan’s energy emissions come from burning fossil fuels. Of that, half is contributed by the transport sector.

Thus, initiatives like this are vital to our nations long-term energy and environmental sustainability. KE is proud to be part of this project alongside Shell Pakistan.

To play our own role in reducing carbon footprint, KE is currently generating 250 MW of Karachi’s energy from renewable sources, with plans to add 350 MW more sources of renewable energy in the near future.” 

Originally published at Pakistan observer