ECMCC And British Computing Society/Accredination Are Jointly Establishing Pakistan’s First Centre For Emerging Technologies In Pakistan.

Internet age and its usage, new technologies that are currently being developed or will be developed within the next five to ten years are referred to as emerging technologies. Extreme Commerce Magna Carta College (ECMCC) And British Computing Society/Accredination Are Jointly Establishing Pakistan’s First Centre For Emerging Technologies In Pakistan. The agreement to cement this partnership was signed by both organizations today in Karachi.

The partnership was signed by the Founder and Managing Partner AccrediNation (in country partner organization for British Computing Society), Asad Aamir Ansari and Head of Institution (ECMCC), Abdul Hafeez Malik. His Excellency Mike Nithavrianakis, Britain’s Deputy High Commissioner and Trade Director for Pakistan was the Guest of Honour and witnessed the partnership signing along with leading corporates from the tech industry.

British Deputy High Commissioner Karachi and Trade Director for Pakistan Mike Nithavrianakis attended and congratulated the institutions involved in agreeing on this partnership, which he hopes will flourish and lead to excellence in the area of emerging technologies”.

The world has seen a technological revolution since the advent of the internet, Sunny Ali, Founder Extreme Commerce in his message said, Pakistan has lacked a Centre for Emerging Technologies. Although there have been efforts in the public sector. We are proud to take this lead in Pakistan to launch a private sector driven initiative. He further said, this partnership will set new benchmarks in training a new breed of human resource in the country that can provide leadership for the industry and business community alike for the emerging technologies for global challenges.

Asad Aamir Ansari, Founder and Managing Partner for AccrediNation said, emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence can be used in many different industries, including IT, medicine, finance, and more. These technologies are making our daily usage devices smarter, providing deeper, more valuable insight into data and making cloud-based tools more efficient. In terms of impact, these technologies have the power to change the way we deploy, engage, and make use of technology at all levels.

CEO MagnaCarta College Ejaz Chaudhry said ‘The IT certifications by BCS UK will increase the employability and freelance opportunities for our youth in the global arena. In today’s ever-changing and competitive market, IT professionals need knowledge, expertise and practical skills that are internationally recognised and industry relevant.’

For a technology to be classified as emerging, it is characterized by rapid growth, impact, radical novelty, coherence, and, sometimes, uncertainty and ambiguity. These include but are not limited to Artificial intelligence (AI), Gene therapy, 3D printing, Nanotechnology, Cancer vaccines, In vitro meat, Medical field advancements, Robotics, Stem-cell therapy, Distributed ledger technology and other Technologies related to the Internet of Things (IoT). Each of these emerging technologies has the potential to create a significant competitive advantage for businesses in the near future.

The event was attended by business leaders, technology enthusiasts, leading entrepreneurs, civil society leaders including Raza Ahmed Sukhera, Joint Director Policy & Sector Growth at Ministry of IT and Telecom, Dr. Shahid Mahmud, Group CEO and Chairman Interactive Group of Companies.

AccrediNation chartered by the British Computing Society (BCS) has over a decade of experience in IT Services, Training, Transformation, Consulting and Outsourcing. The BCS is the only professional body in the United Kingdom with the ability to grant chartered status to IT professionals under its Royal Charter, granted to them by the Privy Council. Thus, having the ability to grant Chartered (Professional) status to both its Fellows and Professional members. Known as Chartered IT Professional. AccrediNation has built strong relationships with International Chambers of Commerce, British High Commissions/Embassies, Federal & Provincial Governments and Corporate Sectors across the world.

Extreme Commerce Magna Carta College (ECMCC) is Pakistan’s first entrepreneurial higher education institute that came into being as a joint venture between Extreme Commerce and Magna Carta College, Oxford’s Independent Business School. The purpose of ECMCC as a futuristic scholastic and incubation hub, is to build and disseminate a full spectrum of affordable pre- university to post-graduate competency and research-based learning, complemented by world-class, international qualifications.

This news was originally published at EIN News.