Getz Pharma launches Pakistan’s First Metabesity Guideline in collaboration with leading medical societies of the country

As a research-driven pharmaceutical company, Getz Pharma takes an active role in supporting advanced scientific studies that can help patients and healthcare professionals in dealing with life-threatening diseases. 

Getz Pharma launches Pakistan’s First Metabesity Guideline in collaboration with leading medical societies of the country

This time, Getz Pharma is proud to launch Pakistan’s First Metabesity Guideline in collaboration with leading medical societies of Pakistan.

The leading medical societies include Pakistan Cardiac Society, Pakistan Society of Nephrology, Pakistan Society of Neurology, Pakistan Endocrine Society, and Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology & G.I. Endoscopy.

Pakistan is amongst the top ten countries in terms of obesity, with individuals at a higher risk of metabolic disorders or Metabesity. The term Metabesity can be defined as a combination of metabolic diseases that include diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and accelerated aging.

At present, the majority of healthcare professionals take a one-sided approach to treat patients who are obese, disregarding various underlying medical conditions that the patient might be currently dealing with. This impacts the health of the patient in the long run, who is not being screened by other medical specialists. Hence, there is a dire need to treat patients holistically rather than for one specific medical condition.

However, since Metabesity is a relatively new term, there is not enough scientific research data available for healthcare professionals to use while treating patients. 

“Recent data of Pakistan suggests the need for preventive interventions to manage the obesogenic state of the country, which can be achieved with the help of effective practice guidelines and procedures. GI problems in diabetes are common but not commonly recognized in clinical practice,” says Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz- Metabesity, working group member.

“Metabesity is a complex medical condition, which has its roots in contrasting medical conditions. We need to come to a consensus about how to decrease the incidence of Metabesity by preventing it and taking a multi-disciplinary approach to manage it,” says Dr. S. Abbas Raza, corresponding author of Metabesity Guideline.

Getz Pharma’s main objective behind this initiative was to bring these five medical societies under a single platform and formulate a uniform diagnosis, treatment, and parameters that are specific to the Pakistani population.

Further, the Metabesity guidelines include recommendations from different medical specialists along with a list of preventive strategies which patients and healthcare professionals can use to successfully treat Metabesity.

By launching Pakistan’s First Metabesity Guidelines, Getz Pharma has taken the first step to start a silo-breaking conversation that will help address local complications of obesity.

Appreciating Getz Pharma’s efforts, Dr. Abdul Karim Zarkoon -President, Pakistan Society of Nephrology says, “Getz Pharma has always come up with solutions to the deteriorating health of our people. And this time again under the banner of Metabesity Project, they are helping to organize, connect, energize, and enabling us to contribute to the audacious goals of substantially reducing the burden of chronic disease.”