Samsung Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum cleaner launched globally

Samsung is launching its new robot vacuum cleaner globally, the Samsung Jet Bot AI+, the device was unveiled at CES 2021 earlier this year.

Samsung Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum cleaner launched globally

The new Samsung Jet Bot AI+ will fon on sale in the USA and Europe this month and then it will be headed to more countries in the second half of 2021. This will include a launch in Latin American, Southeast Asian and CIS regions.

According to Samsung their new robot vacuum cleaner is their most advanced model to date. It comes with Artificial Intelligence and it is designed to recognizes objects on your floor and also furniture around your home.

Jet Bot AI+ is also the world’s first robot vacuum to be equipped with an Intel AI solution, which powers its Jet AI Object Recognition technology. The smart solution allows the robot to navigate with more accuracy by recognizing not only the objects on the floor, but also appliances and furniture.

The robot’s smart decision-making ensures users can have their unit clean closely around items such as children’s toys while maintaining a safe distance from delicate objects like porcelain vases. It can also classify items such as pet excrements, glass cups and electrical cables as dangerous or likely to cause secondary contamination in order to avoid them.

It also comes with a built in pet monitor that lets you check in with your pet remotely, it can sync with other smart pet devices and more.

Originally published at Geeky gadgets