YETA Delegation met with the Vice Chairman National Technology Council (NTC)

A delegation of Young Engineering Technologists Association (YETA) Pakistan met with the Vice Chairman of National Technology Council (NTC) & Vice Chancellor National Skills University (NSU) Islamabad, Prof.Dr.Muhammad Mukhtar.

YETA Delegation met with the Vice Chairman National Technology Council (NTC)

This delegation, jointly led byMr. Syed Ali Hassan (President, YETA Pakistan) & Mr. MuhammadToqir Ranjha (President, YETA Islamabad), was accompanied by several other members, including focal persons of this organization from Islamabad Mr. Bilal, Mr. Waqas, Mr. Muneer & Mr. Umair.

President YETA delivered a detailed presentation on the issues of Engineering Technologists and efforts needed for improving technology education in Pakistan. The delegation requested that National Technology Council should be more proactive in safeguarding the rights of engineering technologists across the country.

Moreover, there is a need for enhancingregistration of technologists so they can play a positive role in supporting the struggle of the NTC for a due share of opportunities in the form of jobs and benefits to technologists.

Worth mentioning here is that technologists are still waiting for their appropriate recognitions and job share as practiced in several other parts of the world including neighboring India.

The Vice Chairman National Technology Council appreciated the efforts of the YETA and assured all support from the platform of the National Technology Council as well as the National Skills University Islamabad (NSU) – a higher education institute dedicated to skills and technology education.

At the request of YETA, Prof. Mukhtar assured to initiate Master (MTech) programs in various technologies at the NSU. He also mentioned that in collaboration with the NAVTTC and several other international organizations, the NSU would be a hub of technologies training, skills related curricular development aligning with fast-changing technologies.

According to the Vice Chairman NTC, technology education’s importance can be ascertained from the fact that most students pursuing education in various NAVTTC supported short-term training programs under the umbrella of Prime Minister’ Hunarmand Pakistan Batch 2 are coming from an engineering background. This ultimately proves the superiority of technology/vocational education. 

At the end of the presentation, an honorary shield was presented to the Vice Chairman NTC. The team offered their gratitude to the Vice Chairman for allowing them to show their efforts in technology educational enhancements.