1000+ locals found digging after a disclosure of an unidentified stones near a town in South Africa.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

A sign of hope arises as more than 1,000 fortune searchers on Monday ran to the town of KwaHlathi in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal territory looking for what they accepted to be diamonds after a disclosure of an unidentified stones nearby.

Individuals travelled across South Africa to join residents who have been burrowing since Saturday, after a discovered the first stone on an open field. The stone is believed to be quartz crystal by some locals.

Mendo Sabelo holding those tiny gems claimed that this discovery can be a life changer for the residents of South Africa

A 27-year-old father of two claimed, “This means our lives will change because no one had a proper job, I do odd jobs. When I returned home with them, (the family was) really overjoyed”. A local, Skhumbuzo Mbhele, who has been jobless for quite a long time added, “I hadn’t seen or contacted a diamond in my life. It’s my first time seeing it here.”

The mines department said on Monday they will be sending a team of geological and mining expert to determine the nature of the discovered stone. They will collect the samples and soon conduct analysis. Nothing can be confirmed unless a formal report is released by the department.

The absence of a report of the stones has not dissuaded the fortune searchers as long queues of vehicles on the two sides of the road could be seen only a couple meters from the open field, where the young, old, female and male burrowed through the dirt with picks, forks, and other tools to discover their wealthy future.

South Africa’s economy has since a long time ago experienced very undeniable degrees of joblessness, catching millions in neediness, and adding to distinct disparities that continue almost thirty years after the finish of politically sanctioned racial segregation in 1994. And just after their lives were getting normal, they were hit hard by the global Covid pandemic that worsened their situation.

Without any identification of the stone, a few groups have started to sell them, with beginning cost going from 100 rand ($7.29) to 300 rand.

The government has requested all to leave the site until further investigation as the people digging at site could potentially be spreading the virus among masses.