Oculus Quest is getting wireless support for PC VR gaming too

Oculus announced that it was adding wireless support for Oculus Link to the Quest 2. Which meant users could play PC VR gaming wirelessly.

Oculus Quest is getting wireless support for PC VR gaming too

By Adrian Willings

Oculus Quest Is Getting Wireless Support For PC VR Gaming Too : Known as Air Link, this new feature was simply being added via a software update and would give gamers the same freedom of movement they know and love with their Quest 2 but with the added bonus of playing a bigger library of games. 

Now it seems that Oculus is also going to roll out that same support for the original Quest. 

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed as much in a Facebook post where he was showing off other updates coming to the Quest via software version 30.

That update is apparently going to improve infinite office and make the Quest more versatile for those looking to use it for working and multi-tasking. 

Under that post, the Facebook chief also confirmed that “Air Link for Quest 1 is coming too…” but didn’t say any more on how long it would take for that update to arrive. 

Still exciting news for anyone who has the right equipment to try it out. With Air Link for the Quest 2, Oculus noted that you’d need a “strong and secure Wi-Fi network” for the best experience and ideally to be within 20 feet of your router.

The company also noted you’d need a decent gaming machine to get the best results out of the headset and even then that experience wouldn’t be as good as using it wired. That said it should be a brilliant experience worth trying. 

Originally published at Pocket-lint