Pakistans-homegrown-online-marketplace-attracts-more-than-100K-customers-a-month. has captured the hearts of millions of Pakistani beauty shoppers ever since it upped its beauty offerings in 2020. Beauty ( and apparel ( are the two categories of the shopping portal that have remained popular with young customers. With record-breaking one million unique customers visiting the website, Leyjao aspires to cater to a broad spectrum of consumers, promising the best value for their money.

The company plans to add new products to the current range of 1,000 beauty brands carried. Its facial kit ( selection has been especially impressive with the addition of a large variety of brands. 

These new lines will attract new buyers to the online shopping platform, as well as those shopping for other items to stop and browse the enhanced selection of women’s fashion, skin care and beauty range (

Many factors have contributed to the success of but one of its key strengths, which have played a strong role in it becoming “Pakistan Ka Fashion Central” as it is today, is its ability to put customers first.

As shoppers today gravitate towards options that won’t hurt their pocket, Leyjao continues to position itself as the go-to resource for affordable options in beauty merchandise. The strategy has proved successful. In 2020, the company registered a double-digit percentage lift in sales of lipsticks (, highlighters (, foundations (, tints (, as beauty merchandise clocked robust results.

Leyjao kicked off its Ramazan Super Bachaat & Eid Bari Bachaat sale by offering up to 70-80% off on phones, smart devices, clothes, cosmetics and skin care products. Customers enjoyed discounts worth Rs 120 million across multiple categories. Women’s sleepwear, jewelry and shoes have been hot favorites.

Leyjao rolled out the best deals and discounts on a wide range of products from leading brands on Eid. Online sales are expected to continue to soar as online shoppers continue to click ‘add to cart’ and scoop up deals from home.

The company has remained a step ahead of the competition by offering enticing ( product deals and the latest fashion items. Upon visiting (, beauty aficionados are offered better visuals, product information, communication mechanism and enhanced methods of online payment options. All the more reasons customers loved shopping from are best discounts, on-time and accurate orders received at their doorsteps. 


The company has brought on board more than 25000 ( sellers featuring new and trending brands. It hopes to further aggressively expand across the country so that buyers will think of first when shopping for fashion and beauty merchandise. is excited about bringing more premium quality cosmetics across skincare, makeup and hair care for men and women. Leyjao understands well that premium can’t mean too pricey. They have slashed prices to suit the budgets of Leyjao clientele.