Top 5 Most Selling Smartphone Brands In Pakistan Including Both Completely Build Units (CBU) And Semi Knocked Down (SKD) Devices.

By Usama Anjum

Over the past couple of years, there is strong competition going on between the smartphone companies in Pakistan. One of the primary reasons for it is the proliferation of new smartphone brands. If we look at the local market, we see that most of the people in Pakistan prefer to buy budget or mid-range phones. Because of this reason, companies that are offering quality products at an affordable range are currently thriving in the market. In line with this, Phoneworld has gathered some interesting and authentic data that will render information regarding the Top 5 Most Selling Smartphone Brands In Pakistan Including Both Completely Build Units (CBU) And Semi Knocked Down (SKD) Devices.

Top 5 Most Selling Smartphone Brands in Pakistan (May 21)

We’ve gathered this data after hours of research work and you will only find this exclusive data from our platform. Here are the top 5 most selling smartphone brands in Pakistan in May of 2021.

  • Vivo (Top Selling Smartphone Brand in Pakistan):

There has been a high demand for the smartphones of Vivo in the last year. We are claiming this after analyzing the statistics we have gathered for the past year. In May 2021, around 315,600 devices of Vivo (both CBU & SKD) were imported to Pakistan. Such high imports of vivo imply high demand in the local market. It is also evident by the total imports of the company in the last one year which stood around 3,919,989, which is a pretty staggering figure. The reasons for this high import percentage are obvious. First, the company is offering high-end smartphones with exclusive features, and secondly, the price range is in accordance with the purchasing power of the people. The latest Vivo V21 is one such example. It is a mid-range smartphone with a remarkable design and OIS feature which never came in any other smartphone to this date. Another masterpiece that was released recently is the Vivo X60 pro, which came with  ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System making it the very first smartphone with such technology. The smartphone series that have significantly contributed to the total imports include the Y series.

Because of these all attributes, vivo has become the top-selling smartphone brand in Pakistan in May 2021.

  • Infinix:

The Smartphone Brand Infinix has managed to secure the second position on our list of top most selling smartphone brands in Pakistan in May 2021. The total number of Infinix devices that have been imported this month stands around. 303,739. The recently launched devices from Infinix are the reason for this high level of import. Just like vivo, Infinix is popular for rendering exclusive specifications in their smartphones at a budget price. From the very beginning, it has remained the tradition of Infinix to target the mediocre society of Pakistan. The recently launched Infinix smartphones are enough to support our claim. The Infinix Note 10 Pro has arrived with a super G95 gaming processor with an extensive memory space available at 30K only. Other smartphones that have added to the growth trajectory include Infinix Note 7, Note 8, Note zero, Hot 10 play, etc.

  • Oppo:

Oppo is another renowned smartphone brand that has made its name in the local market. The total imports of Oppo devices in May stood at 120,839. Oppo has gained immense popularity because of the premium camera smartphones it has been rendering over the past few years. In addition to that, the company is offering a number of 5G phones including Oppo Reno 6 Pro, Oppo K9 5G, Oppo A54 5G, Oppo A95 5G, and Oppo A53s 5G. Other best-selling smartphones from oppo encompass Oppo A92, Oppo F19 Pro, OPPO Reno 5, and OPPO Find X2 Pro. Furthermore, Oppo’s marketing strategy has also played a major role in selling its device and making it the 3rd top-selling smartphone brand in Pakistan.

  • Tecno:

Tecno is generally regarded as the ‘budget king’ in the Pakistani market. The company is famous for providing brilliant specifications at a very low price. Most Tecno mobile prices in Pakistan are available under 20K which exactly lie in the range of our mediocre society. It doesn’t mean that the smartphones provided lack quality or have some malfunction rather they offer all the necessary features for a normal user. In May 2021, the total number of mobile imports of Tecno stood at 111,029, The smartphones which were the cause of this high number of imports include, Tecno Pova 4, Tecno Spark 4, Spark 5 pro, Spark 6 Pro, Camon 12 air, Camon 15, Camon 16, etc

  • Samsung:

The global smartphone leader and tech giant Samsung has managed to grasp a position in the top 5 most selling smartphone brands in Pakistan. There was a time when Samsung was the only company that was thriving in the local market. But things have changed dramatically since the inception of new smartphone brands in Pakistan like the ones that are mentioned above.  However, due to its brand name and quality products, Samsung still has a strong foothold in the Pakistani market. Around 85,813 smartphones from Samsung were imported in the Pakistani market. The latest A series including the A32, A51, A52, A72, etc. gave a major boost to the overall imports of Samsung.

This news was originally published at Phone World.