On The Occasion Of World Environment Day, Coca-Cola Reiterated Its Commitment To Protect Natural Ecosystems Across Pakistan.

On The Occasion Of World Environment Day, Coca-Cola Reiterated Its Commitment To Protect Natural Ecosystems Across Pakistan as part of its sustainability agenda for which Water, Waste and Women are the three core focus areas. Over 10 million beneficiaries have been positively impacted by the company interventions through water stewardship, 85 percent of plastic waste is collected according to a formal study conducted by WWF and 200,000 women have graduated under the empowerment programs in the most underserved communities.

This commitment was reaffirmed in Islamabad on June 5, 2021 through a joint discussion between Coca-Cola and Chairman, Capital Development Authority, for a pledge of making Margalla Hills a liter free area for its visitors through a donation of segregated waste bins, and exploring innovative solutions to make roads out of recycled plastics. The commitment will follow up with a partnership with the parks authorities to steadily improve awareness and waste collection convenience for those visiting nature trails with families. In the Northern areas of Pakistan, famous for its trails, an estimated 2 million people visit annually.

The segregated waste bins will be strategically placed along these trails to ensure collection and to protect the natural environment from waste related hazards. While speaking at this occasion, Fahad Ashraf, VP and General Manager for Pakistan and Afghanistan region at The Coca-Cola Export Corporation said, “Conserving our natural ecosystem starts with educating the public about the importance of throwing waste where it belongs, and most importantly making it easy for the public that visits parks to throw waste in the right category of waste bins. It may be a small step but it can go a long way in making a material impact to our environment.”

A recently led Plastic Scoping Study conducted by Coca-Cola & WWF shows that over 70% of the Pakistani households don’t segregate their waste because they are unaware about recyclable packaging, which consequently highlights the need for awareness around environmental stewardship programs that involve waste management.

With partner organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Rotary International, Indus Earth Trust and Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization, Pakistan is the first water positive country among Coca-Cola’s MENA region, executes WASH programs and builds resilience among local communities by establishing access to clean drinking water nationwide.