Muhammad Uns Is CEO Of Swyft Logistics- A B2B Tech Based Logistics Startup That Promises Better And Unique End To End Delivery Solutions.

By Abdul

Muhammad Uns Is The CEO Of Swyft Logistics- A B2B Tech Based Logistics Startup That Promises Better And Unique End To End Delivery Solutions To Its Customers. The company, which is hardly 15 months old, caters to the needs of more than a thousand brands and businesses that need quick and efficient flow of goods to their customers. This is carried out with an effective work flow that improves consumer experience. As per Muhammad Uns, the advancement of technology has equipped Swyft logistics to improve on industry standards. It’s different from the conventional systems which are currently employed by its contemporaries. As a company Swyft focus on traceability and track-ability the app keeps updating the vendors in real-time; consequently, resulting in a smooth last mile experience for the end consumer. Additionally, Swyft offer multiple payment options to the end customer, including; cash on Delivery (COD), credit card/ debit card, Easypaisa Wallet and Jazz Cash Wallet. Being a b2b company Swyft managed to penetrate in the market very aggressively. 

“We knew we were diving into a very saturated industry and to stand out, we had to offer something that have never been done before. To truly make a mark, we invested into our technology and automated processes to an extent that we don’t need a helpline number, even the end customer can generate a help ticket from our website which is responded to within 3 minutes. We have developed a portal which is not only user friendly but also very thorough, making life easier for vendors and account mangers both” – Muhammad Uns. 

One of the biggest USPs of Swyft is that it payback the vendors within 48 hours whereas the industry standard time is 5 to 10 days, which justifies the aggressive growth of the company in such a short span of time and such a huge customer base. Swyft stand out in the market because of the same date delivery to the end customers in the highest volume order cities, ensuring reduced return ratio.

As mentioned, the entire process is highly automated. Swyft riders are geo-fenced, meaning that their location is tracked in order to reduce human error and other problems generated from the rider’s end. A Google pin is generated which guides the rider to reach a consumer’s place. A proof of delivery for each and every parcel in the form of either a picture of the end customer’s house, a screenshot of the conversation between our rider and the customer or recording of the call between our rider and customer ensures not only reduced return rates but also help the vendor’s customer support team. Transparency and privacy are Swyft’s hallmarks, as per the privacy policy it masks the contact details of the customer which the rider can dial but not see.  

“I take pride in sharing that we started with 10 employees, 5 riders and operations in one city and within 15 months we have grown to over 1000 riders, 250 employees and 39 cities across Pakistan. This was only possible because what we say, we actually deliver. No other logistics company as new as ours has been able to satisfy vendors as big as ours this soon. For us, no vendor is too big or too small and maintaining the same level of services for all our vendors is also an achievement for us. I’m often asked who we see as our biggest competitor and I say there is none, because I do not see any other logistics company employing technology at this level that we have implemented” – Muhammad Uns Swyft invested and trusted in human resource. Everyone in the team comes from a very diverse background rather than from the logistics sector only. “Our preference is that we go for smart people instead of experienced ones and this has benefited us greatly”- Muhammad Uns.

Swyft as a company ensures that at least 35 per cent of staff comprises of women with no room for discrimination. The diversity of the staff has helped Swyft to relate to customers from all fields, whether it’s the fashion industry, apparel sector, home appliances sector and so on. The riders are the face of logistics industry thus the riders at Swyft are trained and groomed in a way that they leave a positive impression on the customers. 

Additionally, the money required for expansion, based on the success of this startup and the promise it delivers, the company was able to raise a few million dollars as angel’s investment from the United States. This is another unique aspect that other logistics companies in the country have not yet benefitted from. Swyft Logistics have recently won Brand of the Year 2021 Award for our success. This has been awarded by the Brands Foundation which is there since more than a decade.

This news was originally published at Nation.