If You Have Any Issues Or Problems And You Want Them To Be Resolved Then Start Using The Pakistan Citizen Portal App.

By Ayesha

Governments around the world have introduced various online platforms to connect with the general public. The use of technology has become common, and people don’t have to stand in lines outside government offices to lodge any complaints. The online platforms are quick and instant and the complaints reach the required parties without any delays.

Online complaint forums have helped the people of the country to get connected directly to the PM Khan. The prime minister has launched the “Prime Minister of Pakistan Online Complaint Cell” and every citizen of Pakistan has an access to the platform. The major purpose of this cell is to help citizens connect with the PM and communicate with government officials to get their issues resolved quickly.

If you have any complaints then you can lodge a complaint at the prime minister of Pakistan online compliant cell. You just have to download the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal mobile app and you are good to go. Pakistan Citizen’s Portal app is available for iOS and Android. If you want to know the procedure to lodge a complaint through Pakistan Citizen Portal, then you can read the guide below:

How to Register a Complaint

  • Download Pakistan Citizen Portal app from play store or app store
  • When the app is downloaded, open the app.
  • Create an account on the citizen portal.
  • After you have created an account the app will appear on your home screen
  • You will find the complaint history like total complaints, Open complaints, Dropped complaints etc.
  • You will see the icon “+”
  • Tap on it.
  • You will be provided with two options “become a corona relief tiger” and “New Complaint”.
  • Tap on “new complaint”.
  • Categories will appear such as agriculture, banking, education etc.
  • Select the category suited for your issue.
  • Choose the subcategory of the complaint.
  • Provide all the details in the form
  • Tap on submit.
  • The complaint will be sent to the concerned authorities

This is a great initiative taken by PM Imran Khan as this allows the general public to get connected with the PM and other official authorities directly. The application has also helped citizens to solve the problems that they were facing.  Many public issues have been solved quickly due to this application. The seamless communication between the public and PM office has helped solve many major lingering issues in different cities of Pakistan.

PMDU directly monitors the complaints so you don’t have to worry about your complaints being unheard. The complaints that are received through the Prime Minister of Pakistan Online complaint Cell are read by the authorities and measures are taken to solve the issues as soon as possible.  If You Have Any Issues Or Problems And You Want Them To Be Resolved Then Start Using The Pakistan Citizen Portal App. This will ensure that the government listens to your grievances.

This news was originally published at CC Discovery.