‘Pakistan needs top standard online education system’

There are so many issues with the online education system. Non-serious approach of the majority of students is one of the major drawbacks of this system.

‘Pakistan needs top standard online education system’

After witnessing highly damaging effects of Covid-19 during the last one and half years across the world, it seemed that this pandemic has now turned out to become a part and parcel of our life and frankly, we don’t see any end to this fatal epidemic at least in the near future; these views were expressed by Dr Zafar Iqbal Butt, Chairman Department of Sport Sciences & Physical Education, University of the Punjab, in his exclusive conversation with ‘The News’ on Saturday.

Dr Zafar Iqbal Butt said these days, different kinds of Covid vaccines are being utilized in various countries to stem the continuous destructive effects of this deadly virus but unfortunately several governments, especially in the third world countries have so far failed to thwart the devastating multiple losses of coronavirus despite their best efforts.

Replying to a query Dr Zafar, who did his M.Phil leading to Ph.D in Sport Sciences & Physical Education in 2016, said that the education sector is one of the major sufferers after the outbreak of coronavirus.

“Education authorities in our country started online classes to educate the students but after finding different kinds of flaws in this system, they conclude that the online classes cannot be an alternative to face-to-face class system”.

“There are so many issues with the online class system. Non-serious approach of the majority of students is one of the major drawbacks of this system. It’s also a fact that most of our students are not accustomed to this way of teaching. There are plenty of cheating options for students in online tests or exams which is also a big disadvantage of this system,” he elaborates.

“On the other hand, in face-to-face class system, students can clear their concepts and other academic confusions through cross-questioning with the teachers. Since its beginning of the online class system in Pakistan it will take some time to give good results. We also need to teach the ethics of the online education system to our students”.

Answering a question regarding which measures govt should take to extract satisfactory academic results during the Covid-hit years, Dr Zafar, who completed his MBA in 2005, MA Physical Education in 2003 and MA Urdu in 1989, said definitely it is probably the toughest task for govt to maintain education system of the country at a satisfactory level in the prevailing circumstances.

“For this purpose, the government needs to devise a proper education policy with the main focus being on introducing a standard online education system. The new education policy must have proper guidelines and obligations for teachers, students and all stakeholders”.

“Govt should involve all stakeholders such as HEC, college and school education authorities in the formulation of fresh education policy. In this regard some guidance and tips could also be taken from developed countries which are already running a top standard online education system to extract maximum benefit from online education,” he explained.

Dr Zafar, who represented Pakistan in Asian Powerlifting C’ship at New Delhi in 1999, floated a suggestion that national education authorities must introduce a training method for students in the syllabus of all classes regarding the online education system.

“This training module must have compact rules and regulations and ethics as well. The sole objective of this training module should be to educate and bind the student community to follow certain principles while obtaining education through online system”.

When asked about parents’ role in the online education system, Dr Zafar said that certainly parents will have a very key role in this new development. “Parents and somewhat elder siblings are the only ones who can perform the duty of an ‘invigilator’ at home during the study hours of their student. Parents will have to look after their son/daughter whether he/she is attending the online classes fairly,” he asserted.

Elaborating further he said since most of our parents are illiterate, especially in rural and backward areas of the country, it could be very tough for them to check their kids appropriately especially when attending the online classes.

“In my point of view, parents also need to be taught the techniques regarding how to check the involvement of their children in online study”.

Originally published at The news international