International Workshop on Tropical Medicine and Natural Product in June

Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) in collaboration with COMSTECH is organizing an online international workshop on “Tropical medicine and natural products” on Wednesday, 2nd June 2021.

International Workshop on Tropical Medicine and Natural Product in June

This workshop is divided into 2 sessions to discuss biodiversity exploration for traditional medicine and natural products, and natural products and industrial applications.

Furthermore, it will provide potential opportunity of collaboration between OIC member states to conduct research related to Tropical medicine and natural products for the treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Natural products from plants, marine organisms, and microorganisms, are the richest source of drug candidates. Currently over 40% of clinically used drugs have natural origin.

Nature is the sustainable source of biologically active molecules, and recent developments in chromatography and spectroscopic techniques made it possible to fully utilize their potential.

The aim of this workshop is to identify and explore the biodiversity potential of traditional medicine and natural product in health and disease management as well as to discuss most recent developments in this field, and to foster productive collaboration between the researchers in OIC member states.

This workshop is open for public, along with researchers, academia, related ministries/Institutions, universities, and media from OIC member state.