Opera GX Mobile Browser offers a dedicated section for tracking game news and deal, and is now out as a beta for Android and iOS platforms.

It’s been almost two years since Opera introduced its Opera GX desktop browser aimed at gamers. Now, the company is bringing a similar experience to smartphones with the launch of Opera GX Mobile browser that caters to the needs of smartphone gaming enthusiasts. Now out as a beta on both Android and iOS, it will be available widely within the next few weeks.

So, what’s unique about Opera GX Mobile?

Well, let’s start with the design, which borrows heavily from the neon streak aesthetics on its desktop client. There are four themes to choose from, which is not much, but they’re easy on the eyes. On the homepage, you’ll find a Fast Action Button that blends touch input with vibrations and haptic feedback. As the name suggests, it puts all the core controls within your thumb’s reach and spaces them across two concentric rings.

I quite like this one-handed navigation approach, but you can always switch back to the traditional layout. The browser also has a dedicated GX Corner where you can find news about the gaming industry and upcoming releases. And of course, there’s a deals aggregator as well, to make sure that you don’t miss out on those limited-time price cuts.

There’s also a Flow feature that will let you share files, video links to tutorials and character builds, photos, and notes between desktop and mobile versions. Syncing between two devices happens by scanning a QR code, so there’s some relief from the hassle of going through the sign-in process. However, the files you share should be 10MB or less in size, which is a limit of Opera GX Mobile you should be aware of.

Opera GX Mobile also brings a native ad-blocker and cookie dialogue blocker, which is something I personally look forward to benefiting from. The company says it has also baked in some form of protection from malicious parties trying to use your phone’s resources for cryptocurrency mining. Interested yet?

Originally published at Pocket now