Electronic voting system introduces at Parliament House

The electronic voting system has been put on display at Parliament House by the Ministry of Science and Technology so that parliamentarians and members of the press can see it.

Electronic voting system introduces at Parliament House

By Nayab Khan

The machine has been located at gate number 1 of Parliament House, according to a press release from the National Assembly Secretariat.

According to the announcement, a technical officer will be stationed by the machine to assist parliamentarians and the media with any issues they may encounter. They should even look at the machine to see how it works and what it can do.

When Fawad Chaudhry was the head of the science and technology ministry, he announced the concept of the electronic voting system. The system was created on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s orders in order to make the upcoming general elections more transparent.

Following the protest, Prime Minister Khan said that Pakistan’s political and electoral processes can no longer continue to have their legitimacy challenged and public confidence eroded.

He stressed the relevance and necessity of an electronic voting system, claiming that, based on previous experiences, implementing one would make the democratic process more open, stable, and unbiased.

Only the presiding officer will be able to turn on the machine, according to the minister, and electors will be able to vote by clicking on any sign shown on the first part of the machine.

Originally published at Phone world