Qualcomm security systems seems to have some flaws what may become a reason for stealing of data and hidden malware.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

Check point research is a security firm that has been keeping a check on Qualcomm security system for a long time. A report by the firm confirmed that the Qualcomm chipsets are a threat to mobile users because of a security flaw. The law could have proved to be the reason for the multiple security breaches. Qualcomm’s Mobile Station Modem (MSM), which dates right back to the mid-90s, can purportedly be abused by programmers easily. There have not been any major upgrades to their Mobile Station Modem. Every system needs to be updated regularly for its smooth running, but this security flaw can be responsible for exposing many.

Qualcomm MSM is a technology introduced by the America multinational corporation, Qualcomm, is generally utilized in cell phones with 2G/3G/4G and surprisingly a few of 5G devices too. But according to some recent reports, some critical flaws has been found in their security system. This imperfection can be abused by hackers and it is as easy as sending a SMS text. It was also stated that all these hacks can be made through remote access. And this will keep the identity of the hacker anonymous.

When aggressors exploit this endeavor, they can tune in to your calls, read all your text messages, and even open your SIM card and bypass all security systems to disable restrictions set by the carrier. The report adds that around 30% of cell phones on the planet use Qualcomm chipsets and almost every one of these handsets using Qualcomm chipsets may be a threat to its user.


The solitary fix is to upgrade to the latest version with the most recent security patches.

As indicated in another report from Tom’s Guide, Qualcomm previously gave a security fix to the MSM misuse back in December 2020. This is on the grounds that the chipmaker was cautioned of the weakness before the report opened up to the world.

Qualcomm did not lose any of its customers as the security flaw was fixed before the reports came out. The company has made sure that such mistakes will not be made in their upcoming updates. Google additionally plans to address this exploit in its June security fix as per a few reports.