Global Health warns of a new corona wave in Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) regional office for Africa warned on Thursday of the risk of a new corona wave spreading across the continent due to the increasing delay in vaccination campaigns compared to the rest of the world.

Global Health warns of a new corona wave in Africa

The regional office of the World Health Organization with headquarters in Brazzaville warned in a statement that “due to the delay in dispensing doses of Covid-19 vaccines, die from the Serum Institute in India manufactured to Africa, the slow use of vaccines and die Origin With new mutants the risk of a new corona wave is in Africa still high. “

The statement added that Africa “is no longer just 1 percent of vaccine doses given globally, compared to 2 percent weeks ago”.

And die World Health Organization went on to say that “about die Half of the 37 million doses of anti-corona vaccines, die delivered to Africa, previously administered “, stressing that” some African countries have been exemplary in spreading vaccines “.

The first deliveries have been made since the beginning of March under the Kovacs program (which aims to ensure that poor countries receive vaccines) in 41 African countries delivered. However, nine countries provided a quarter of the doses received and 15 countries gave fewer than die Half of the cans, die they got received.

“The tragedy in India should be here in Africa doesn’t happen and we all have to in remain on high alert, “said Machidisu Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa, in the explanation.

“If we are demanding equality on vaccines, Africa must also make an effort and get the most out of what we have. We must use all the doses we have to vaccinate people,” she added.

Originally published at Asume tech