Xiaomi Yeelight announces new products with Razer Chroma, opens up its source code

Yeelight, the Xiaomi owned smart lighting based brand, has just announced two new products that arrive with the Razer Chroma Integration. 

Xiaomi Yeelight announces new products with Razer Chroma, opens up its source code

Alongside the new products, the company has also announced the release of the source code of the Yeelight Chroma Connector as part of the Yeelight Open Source Program.

The company made this announcement at the Razer Devcon 2021 earlier today (7th May 2021). Yeelight has just unveiled two new smart lighting products, including the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb W3 and the Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro.

Talking about the bulb first, it offers the user the option to select among 16 million colors to create their custom lighting scenes for any occasion. The smart bulb also features game sync and music sync and is even eco friendly as well, offering an ultra low standby power to save energy and money.

Arriving at the smart light bar, the Yeelight Bar Pro is designed to offer customers a more immersive experience when gaming experience. Furthermore, the lamp also offers easy sync options that works with various popular games via Razer Chroma RGB, which also supports 16 million colors that even offers a “dazzling light effects triggered by specific gaming events.”

Notably, the company even opened up its source code to give back to its community, especially the Open Source one. As per Victoria Wang, Strategic Partnership Manager at Yeelight, “With the Yeelight Open Source Program, we hope to give back to the community. Meanwhile, we welcome all the programmers to contribute their code and add new features to this project. Eventually, we want to make the Yeelight Chroma Connector truly for gamers, by gamers!”

Originally published at Gizmo china