Fast and Secure Turkish Messaging App BiP Introduces Group and Chat Import

Reaching out to 80 million users globally, the secure messaging app BiP launches a new feature allowing users to import their individual and group chats automatically at once from other messaging applications. Investing heavily on security and data ethics, BiP prioritizes user consent at all levels of user experience.

Fast and Secure Turkish Messaging App BiP Introduces Group and Chat Import

Having witnessed 2 million downloads in Pakistan and 80 million downloads globally,   Turkey’s secure life and communication platform BiP now introduces its new feature, allowing users to convey their group chats easily from other applications.

Reaching out to 80 million users globally, BiP sustains innovative investments and introduces group chat import enabling users to move their existing group and individual chats including videos and photographs automatically at once.

Unlike other applications, users are not obliged to manually add every fellow user one by one as BiP handles the import directly by adding all participants in.  

Commenting on the most recent feature of BiP Burak AKINCI, CEO of BiP, said: Digitization is becoming a norm rapidly. A messaging application is not only a messaging application anymore but more of a living ecosystem via we communicate, work and trade.

Users need to feel safe and secure in that ecosystem. In an era where we are under continuous cyber-crime threats as businesses and individuals, consumers’ protection and consent are critical.

Data ethics and security has paramount importance for us. A protected and seamless migration experience is a symbol for our dedication in a thorough and fulfilled CX.


Underlining the importance of the Pakistani market, AKINCI said: “Exceptional relations between our countries have been a great motivation for us from the day one. In just a couple of months we’ve reached more than 2 million downloads with very high rates of like scores in various platforms. We also pursue productive collaborations with operators and local content providers in the Pakistani market. We’ll gratefully continue to invest in innovative and localized solutions to make Pakistanis’ everyday lives and digital interactions easier and safer.”


Messaging and group video calls up to 10 people with HD quality are the most popular features for Pakistani users. The messaging traffic per user in March becomes 4 times of the value in January for Pakistani users.

The peak day for the downloads is Monday and Lahore comes up as the first city in terms of download numbers within the country.

BiP’s awarded instant translation   and secret messaging are other significant features that are highly preferred by Pakistani consumers. BiP instantly translates written words and phrases in 106 languages, including Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto and Sundanese.

BiP has received the ‘Most Innovative Mobile App’ award at 2020 Global Mobile Awards under ‘Connected Consumer Category’ with this built-in real-time translation feature.

Secret chat is another highly preferred feature in the Pakistani market as it enables users to make the chats disappear from the chat screen with the period they determine.

Secret chat creates a solid sense of security and privacy for its users, with no data backed up by BIP or decrypted. In BiP, no data is shared with third parties, and all data is kept under high-tech data centers in Turkey. Nothing is imposed on the users, and everything is operated under their consent only.


Operating in 192 countries, Turkey’s life and communication platform BiP offers HD-quality group video call with up to 10 people along with instant messaging and voice call features. Allowing up to 1000 users in groups chats, BiP also enables shortcuts for frequently communicated users or groups on home screen. 

BiP has also recently announced superior features such as dark mode and personalized menu. The application makes text formatting seamless with its recent feature which makes users to emphasize their words with bold, italics, strikethrough or underline in addition to chat archive Paying genuine attention to localization BiP has also introduced its Ramadan and Cricket Channels in Pakistani market.

Throughout Ramadan BiP users may follow all location based iftar and suhoor timings, menu alternatives and meal recipes and spiritual insights via exclusively designed Ramadan channel. Cricket channel is another locally designed medium which tells live scores, team info, live news and evaluations about cricket.