Samsung Develops Advanced Chip Packaging Tech for High-performance Applications

Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it has developed an advanced chip packaging tech for high-performance applications as the South Korean tech giant eyes to expand its leadership in semiconductor solutions.

Samsung Develops Advanced Chip Packaging Tech for High-performance Applications

The world’s largest memory chip maker said its next-generation 2.5D chip packaging tech, Interposer-Cube4 (I-Cube4), is expected to be widely used in areas like high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, cloud and largest data center applicants as it creates enhanced communication and power efficiency between logic and memory chips.

I-Cube is Samsung’s brand for its heterogeneous integration technology that horizontally places one or more logic dies, such as central processing units (CPU) and graphics processing units (GPU), and several high bandwidth memory (HBM) dies on a paper-thin silicon interposer and makes them operate as a single chip in one package.

Samsung said it used a unique mold-free structure for the I-Cube 4 solution, which incorporates four HBMs with one logic die, for better thermal management and stable power supply.

The company added it also improved its yield with its prescreening tests and reduced the number of process steps to save costs and cut turnaround time.

With the latest chip packaging solution, Samsung said it will try to incorporate more chips in one package as the company is researching how to deal with interposer warpage and thermal expansion through changes to material and thickness.

Samsung launched its I-Cube 2 solution in 2018 and eXtended-Cube (X-Cube), which allows ultra-thin stacking of logic and SRAM chips, last year to beef up its chip packaging capacity.

Originally published at The Korea bizwire