Pakistan is an under developed country and is bound to do things which are being instructed by the countries who provide aid. For such type of country it is very difficult to introduce self-driving vehicles. If we talk about roadmap of self-driving vehicles, there are many things which will be under observation before introducing it into Pakistan.  

By Warisha Butt

Launching Pilots: This is not possible that the technology that is used in self-driving vehicles in China must be capable to operate in Pakistan. We need to test different technologies, which will be according to the conditions of our country, including all the aspects like infrastructure of roads in Pakistan and much more.

Product vision: What you really want or expect from that product, it’s not only about a vehicle that drive by itself, many things are interlinked with it including the performance of that product in your country, the situations or challenges which will occur and how will be they faced. 

Team Challenges: We need to plan each and every thing before introducing self-driving vehicles as they are bound to work according to the instructions installed into them. We have to work over the infrastructure of our country roads because the way people drive in Pakistan is very inappropriate. So, people must follow the proper rules.

How will those cars be charged if your country has not enough electricity to fulfill the needs of their citizens? How will government of Pakistan manage this entire digital system as they are not well aware about this technology? Will they hire staff from different countries? There are many more things that will be observed keenly.  

Learning to work with AI and initiative: Firstly it is very important to work over basic principles of driving in Pakistan. It’s very important to educate people of Pakistan about driving, there should be no leniency regarding breaking rules. About the infrastructure of roads in Pakistan, we need to improve it and make lanes very prominent, there should be proper gap and separate place for parking. As it is the latest technology, it should be affordable for the people of Pakistan. People should be capable and must be trained to deal with this technology and for that proper institutes must be established where they can understand its system up gradation, progress and proper working of programs.

Scaling Up: Collaboration with technology experts and owners is compulsory as Pakistan is not much advanced in technology, and it’s important to have a strong backup which can lead and help in understanding things.