Valorant Mobile in Development, Riot Games Checking Market Feasibility

It seems that Valorant for Android and iOS is indeed in development. Sources at the company tell IGN India that Valorant Mobile as its tentatively named, is on the way with the gaming giant trying to gauge which markets it would work in.

Valorant Mobile in Development, Riot Games Checking Market Feasibility

Considering the company is looking into which regions Valorant would be a good fit, it suggests that we may be close to an actual announcement. A video from known leaker PlayerIGN speculated that the game would be announced at E3 2021.

Previously, an article from AFK Gaming reported on “strings of code and a mobile UI” discovered by players. With Apex Legends, PUBG New State, a possible PUBG Mobile India return, and perhaps Valorant Mobile on the way, as well as made-in-India FAU-G getting team death match, it appears as if mobile gaming may just suffer from one shooter too many this year.

And given how dominating PUBG Mobile’s presence is — with close to 15 million monthly Indian players via VPN despite no official re-release, the second half of 2021 may just end up being a bloodbath for developers that have all their eggs in the multiplayer shooter basket.

As always, we’ve reached out to Riot Games for comment and will update this story if we hear from the company.

Originally published at Gamers grade