PM Imran Khan Once Again Invited Opposition Parties To Participate In Bringing Electoral Reforms In Order To Restore Credibility Of Elections.

Prime Minister Imran Khan On Saturday Once Again Invited The Opposition Parties To Participate In Bringing Electoral Reforms In Order To Restore The Credibility Of Elections. In series of tweets, the prime minister said all parties are crying foul and claiming rigging in the NA-249 by-election — that was held in Karachi on Thursday — but the same had happened in the Daska by-election and in the Senate elections.

In fact, apart from the 1970 election, in every election claims of rigging have raised doubts over the credibility of election results, he pointed out. “In 2013 there were 133 NA constituencies’ disputes before elecion tribunals. We asked for examination of just 4 constituencies’ votes & in all 4 rigging was established, ” Imran said. “But it took us a year & a 126-days dharna to get a Judicial Commission which found over 40 faults in conduct of elections.” “Unfortunately no substantive reforms were put in place,” he lamented.

“Technology & use of Electronic Voting Machines are the only answer to reclaim credibility of elections,” he stressed, inviting the Opposition to “sit with us & select from EVM models we have available to restore our elections credibility.” The prime minister recalled former US president Donald Trump’s team did everything to “dispute” the 2020 presidential election result but because latest technology was used in the electoral process, not one irregularity was found. “For a year now we have been asking the Opposition to cooperate with us & help reform our present electoral system,” he recalled.

Imran reiterated his government’s resolve to put in place reforms in the electoral system through the use of technology to bring transparency and credibility to elections and strengthen democracy. Imran has on several occasions expressed his desire to pursue electoral reforms in order to ensure that in future elections are not disputed and winners and losers both accept the result.

But in the past, the opposition has rejected these proposals and has said it would bring its own set of proposals for a comprehensive reform of the electoral process. Opposition leaders explained that while they will not engage with the government as a matter of principle, they will continue to proceed with their parliamentary duties as well as their work in the committees.

The prime minister’s tweets come a day after he directed the ministry of finance to arrange funds for purchasing electronic voting machines (EVMs) within the next six months. He directed his Adviser on Parliamentary Affairs and the Ministry of Finance to arrange required funds within the time for the purchase of the equipment. Similarly, the minister for science and technology and adviser on parliamentary affairs have been directed to consult the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to remove hurdles in this regard and submit a report within one month.

This news was originally published at Pakistan Today.