Pakistan To Get Huawei’s First Hybrid SUV “SOON”

After the mobile industry, Huawei has entered the automobile industry with a bang. The Chinese giant unveiled its first manufactured car, a hybrid SUV named Huawei SERES SF5, in Shanghai Auto Show 2021.

Pakistan To Get Huawei’s First Hybrid SUV “SOON”

By Sulman Ali

And as per Huawei’s Pakistani partner Prince DFSK, the car is expected to come to Pakistan soon. The car is made in collaboration with Seres (the EV division of DFSK), the company said. 

Engine Power: 

In a Facebook post, DFSK wrote that SERES SF5 is powered by two electric motors, one per axle, and a four-cylinder petrol engine on the front axle. It further said that the hybrid system uses a 1.5 liter petrol engine to power the battery. “The electric motors produce a combined 551hp and 820Nm torque,” the company said. DFSK also claimed that the SUV range is 180km on battery power and 1000km+ on hybrid power.

“We are looking forward to bring ERES HUAWEI SF5 hitting the roads of Pakistan Soon,” DFSK stated.

Exterior and Interior:

The car has a quite sharp body line with flush door handles and a tapered roofline. The front of the car shows a sweepback headlight and a mesh grille integrated with the bumper. A very distinctive set of LED DRLs are also visible. Coming to the rear, the first noticeable feature is slim LED taillights which are connected with the full-width light strip.

The salient features of the interior include instrument cluster, panoramic sunroof, ambient lights, heating and ventilation seats. Like Tesla, it has a minimalist interior design centered around large-portrait-oriented touchscreen infotainment. The interior also has mental accents, leather décor and wooden inserts.

Safety Features: 

The hybrid SUV also has L2+ auto assisted driving with features such as low-speed traffic assist, lane-keeping assistance, forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency brake.

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Originally published at Pak wheels