Recent leaks claims that 200 MP cameras will soon be revealed by Samsung along with other smartphone manufactures

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

One of the vital highlights of any leading handset these days is a heavenly camera that is intended to beat the opposition. Xiaomi has been attempting to do likewise. For a very long time, the company has focused its research and development in making its cell phone cameras better.

A recent leak by the scandalous Digital Chat Station, the Chinese organization is equipping to introduce another cell phone that will accompany an astounding 200 MP imaging sensor. For the people who do not know much about phones or the trendy sensors that current phones are packed with, right now, 108 MP is the biggest camera sensor that a cell phone offers.

The sensor will no doubt come from Samsung and according to leaks it will have 0.64um unit pixel or less than the 1.4μm unit pixel area of Samsung’s current most advanced smartphone camera sensor ​​ISOCELL GN2. Still, we do not know much about this latest next generation camera sensor, so we do not have the foggiest idea what’s in store.

Also, notable leakster @IceUniverse in a recent report uncovered that Samsung is intending to launch another imaginative and innovative sensor this year under the organization’s ISOCELL setup that will feature a 200 MP image sensor. There is a high possibility that Digital Chat Station is discussing a similar sensor. Also, after Samsung revealed its Samsung Galaxy S21, the organization indicated that it was building up a 200 MP imaging sensor as the replacement of the 108 MP sensor that accompanied S21.

Sooner, we will be experiencing more phones that will be featuring 200 MP image sensor as Samsung Exynos posted an intriguing status on Twitter asking, “Dear shutterbug, what do you expect the most from smartphone camera?” Also, it posted a video showing a 200MP camera sensor alongside other 5 sensors. With this, it indicates a forthcoming cell phone wearing up to 6 camera sensors and the front equipped with a dual selfie camera. And every one of these cameras ought to be working heavily influenced by another Samsung Exynos chip.

Right now, this is all what is known however more subtleties will be uncovered soon.