Swiss Company Napasol AG Has Established A Leading Position In Nut Pasteurization Technology With Over 30 Plants Operating Worldwide.

Swiss Company Napasol AG Has Established A Leading Position In Nut Pasteurization Technology With Over 30 Plants Operating Worldwide. The pasteurization process developed by Napasol allows treating nuts with dry steam to retain the flavor, texture, and color of the raw nut. Napasol is the market leader in tree nut pasteurization delivering the level of preventive control required while preserving flavour, colour, and texture, and improving the shelf life of raw nuts.

All Napasol pasteurization plants are validated for above 5log reduction in Salmonella, a performance obtained while pasteurizing in a partial vacuum at low temperatures. The dry saturated steam pasteurization process prevents moisture pickup and no drying step is needed. In the Napasol Statisol line products move through the process loaded in stainless-steel bins protected from mechanical damage. “Maintaining the raw characteristics of the nuts while applying a highly effective pasteurization treatment is unique to the Napasol process “says Dieter Kundig, President of Napasol AG.

Ivory Macadamias can boast a guaranteed performance in macadamia safety and quality with the Napasol pasteurization technology. Giovanna Secco, MD of Ivory Macadamias says “This investment underscores the company’s stake in continuing improvement in food safety, a requirement to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the global market”. Dieter Kundig, Napasol AG CEO, says “Ivory Macadamia operates an exceptional facility where the Napasol pasteurizer will add the microbiological safety guarantee required by the market”.

The Napasol Statisol pasteurization lines were specifically developed for the bulk pasteurization of nuts. Napasol pasteurizers for macadamias are operational in Australia, South Africa, the USA and Europe. Napasol tree nut pasteurization units are also validated for Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Brazil nuts, and Pine nuts.

Napasol AG, Zug, Switzerland, sells Pasteurization equipment worldwide for nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, powders, blends, and many other low moisture food applications. While Napasol Statisol pasteurization lines find applications for nuts and seeds, the Napasol Rotosol pasteurization lines were specifically developed for bulk pasteurization of herbs, spices, seeds, and powders.

The Rotosol pasteurization lines uses the same saturated steam process in a blending autoclave that insures maintaining the products free flowing. Napasol pasteurizers are available for capacities starting at 200kg/h and up to 6000kg/h matching the requirements of a diversity of customer needs.

Ivory Macadamias, Mpumalanga South Africa is part of Global Macadamia Pty Ltd, South Africa, and the Marquis Marketing Group Ltd, Australia, the world’s largest processor and marketer of macadamias. The group is equipped with Napasol pasteurizers in its two major processing facilities in Australia, two in South Africa with Ivory Macadamias and later this year Global Macadamia, and Kenya partner Afrimac this fall. Marquis Marketing Group can supply Napasol pasteurized macadamias to manufacturing, wholesale, and retail customers around the world including USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

This news was originally published at PR Web.