To boost the tourism industry in the country, SCO is soon going to provide high speed internet to the K2 Base Camp.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

This significant advancement could endlessly change how people complete their journeys on the second-most elevated and the deadliest mountain on the planet, other than aiding climbers in conveying their progress more effectively. The SCO group has begun dealing with introducing the BTS system at Concordia, the conjunction of Baltoro and Goodwin Austin glacier close to Broad Peak, and K2 Base camp. The availability of mobile service and 4G web access in these dangerous yet exciting spots, often called ‘The Throne Room Of Mountain Gods’, will be a sublime accomplishment and advantage mountain climbers and trekking groups to remain associated with their families, and will be helpful in any kind of emergencies.

The establishment of a SCO tower at Concordia-K2 Base Camp has effectively finished and will assist with boosting the quantity of summit expeditions to K2 and Broad Peak. Because of the tower installed, mountain climbers and expeditioners can now utilize their cellphones and avail rapid 4G service on and nearby K2.

SCO‘s obligation to driving the K2 district has been steadfast, with significant achievements going generally unseen over the recent years. In December 2014, SCO linked the Shimshal valley with the remainder of the world through its cell phone service. What is more, in October 2018, SCO began to expand its service by providing GSM services to the local residents and travelers of Askoli, K2’s closest settlement. Askoli is a relatively small village situated in Shigar Valley of Gilgit–Baltistan and fills in as the launchpad for mountaineering endeavors to K2, Broad Peak, and other significant mountains.


SCO officials raised their concerns about the alarming incident that happened in the past few years on one of the highest mountains of the world. “SCO has never prioritized profits; the convenience of the people has always been our very first priority,” shared an SCO official. “We are providing telecom services in these remote, sparsely-populated areas like Shimshal, Askoli, and Concordia just to connect the unconnected people and promote tourism here. SCO has always put the national interest first, which is why it is committed to introducing modern telecom facilities to such impossible areas where no other operator can reach.”