Ahsan Earning $2000 Month By Those Two Projects. Simply By Putting Up Quality Content & Data That Fulfill Needs & Expectations Of Visitors.

Today’s Youth And Teenagers Are Pretty Much Different As Compared To The Past. Today They Are Working In Iot, Robotics, App Development, Website Development & Digital Marketing. So In this field, an 18 years old entrepreneur from Pakistan, Mohammad Ahsan, who is currently studying at Karachi University Business School, had stepped in.

He is a local from Karachi, Pakistan earning around $2000 a month by his own online earning unique ideas. He started practicing all this from 17; eventually, after exploring blogging, content writing, and freelancing, he became the owner of two projects that are Coupontoaster UK and Mobilemall.pk

How Ahsan earns $2000 a month

Ahsan Hit $2000 Every Month By Those Two Projects. Simply By Putting Up Quality Content And Data That Fulfill The Needs And Expectations Of Its Visitors. Day by day, these platforms are making growth. Although things were not easy during initiation as today, these are for him. As In beginning facing programming difficulties and making the websites popular and trustworthy among the public were the biggest challenges for him.

The secondary challenge was of receiving payment as Paypal is locally banned In Pakistan. It’s been quite a while things are going a bit smooth for Ahsan. Below is an overview of how these two models work and help him to earn around $2000.

How Mobilemall.pk generates revenue

Mobilemall.pk became a public domain by Ahsan In earlier 2020 during covid-19 peak; utilizing all the free time in the room upon this portal. It is a Pakistani portal that gives viewers a complete overview of mobile phone prices in Pakistan and specifications. Listing each popular brand and mobile phone; as in Pakistan, there are very few tech content providers. It is also an edge for Ahsan.

Basic elements to generate revenue for this project are via Google ads and banner placements upon the website pages. Simply viewers click or give the impression to the ads that lead to revenue. Another method is via placement of banners & content publications for webmasters or marketing agencies contacting him.

How the Coupontoaster UK generates revenue

Coupontoaster UK is the ultimate platform for UK vouchers and discount offers. This program completely relies upon affiliate marketing or affiliate earnings. It was started in late 2018 inside his room after clearing high school in Karachi, Pakistan. Upon this website, Vouchers and Discount offers of popular stores and brands are listed. Appearing in search engines for searches like store name discount code, etc. When a visitor clicks or redeems the discount, it is redirected with a cookie along with the affiliate link. Then after this step buyer adds a product to its cart and makes a purchase that leads to a commission for him. This model helps him to generate around $1500 each month.

At The End

Ahsan says, “Everything is possible If you have passion and belief in God.” Everything is possible for every individual or organization with passion, hard work, patience, and belief in God. He aims to keep on growing and wishes to get count among the most successful entrepreneurs of this world.

This news was originally published at Top Wire News.