IBCC During Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown Took Decisions In Public Interest To Facilitate Students, Said Secretary IBCC On Tuesday.

Secretary Inter Board Committee Of Chairmen (IBCC) During Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown Took Decisions In The Public Interest To Facilitate The Students, Said Secretary IBCC On Tuesday.

Talking to media during a press briefing here , Prof Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah, Secretary IBCC said that in order to achieve the set targets of IBCC and to maintain its acceptable credibility for the society, the IBCC has taken certain initiatives during COVD-19 in line with policy directions of the Federal Minister for Education & Professional Training, Mr Shafqat Mehmood.

He mentioned that during lockdown, people were facing problem in submission of fee and documents, hence, to make the facilities more vibrant, after defining a mechanism an agreement was signed with TCS courier service to collect documents at their centres across the country and deliver the documents at doorstep of the candidate. In addition to this, the branches of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) for submission of fees were increased from 280 to 1400 across the country.

IBCC is also working on smart phone application which will be launched soon, where applicants will apply online and submit their fee through this application. Dr Mallah told the media that for ease of the business and to facilitate the general public, IBCC is integrating technology in the services. The website of the organisation has been completely revamped which is now completely service oriented.

To minimise the problems of the public and increase the accessibility, the Live Messenger Chat for live question answers was launched and UAN, with integration of multiple lines, was installed. The complaint redressal mechanism has been evolved to timely address the issues or queries of the applicants. 

He was of the view that the better service delivery must be the priority of public organisations. In this regard, the IBCC has not only revisited and rearranged service delivery system but is also playing an advisory role to reshape the assessment systems and bringing uniformity in the standards for improvement. In close liaison with all the education boards and other member organisations.

The IBCC has prepared a concept paper to launch a project for modernisation and standardisation of national examination and assessment system at country level under PSDP. The IBCC has recently prepared initial draft of the act and service structure and submitted to the Ministry for further process for approval from the Parliament. 

This news was originally published at Nation.