How HP EliteBook Series supports productivity in the era of remote work

The HP EliteBook Series is easy to carry ultralight and beautifully designed business PCs that are as elegant as they are powerful

How HP EliteBook Series supports productivity in the era of remote work

The past year has introduced the world to a new way of working. And with that, a renewed appreciation for the devices they use.

Worker productivity depends a lot on the tech that is fast, reliable, and high-performing. The devices for remote workers should deliver blazing-fast speed, high-quality graphics, and long battery life. These devices should also be reliable to make sure your IT team is not deluged by support requests from slow, unresponsive devices

Remote workers working out of coffee shops, airline terminals, co-working spaces, should never have to choose between aesthetics and productivity.

The HP EliteBook Series is easy to carry ultralight and beautifully designed business PCs that are as elegant as they are powerful

The past year has introduced to the world the power of video conferencing. For remote workers working from non-traditional settings with ambient sound and irregular lighting, the quality of displays and audio is crucial.

Video conferencing
The EliteBook Series comes with an optional ultra-bright, 1000-nit display with an 85 per cent screen-to-body ratio so you can see more. They also offer new AI-based audio focused on the specific sense of hearing for each individual. Calls sound crisp and clear with advanced features like HP Noise Reduction Cancellation, loud top-firing speakers and a world-facing microphone.

One of the biggest concerns for organisations engaging in remote work is security. Untethered from the office environments and working from unsecured sites, remote workers are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats.

HP takes security seriously, with a range of security features emended in the EliteBook Series.

These include HP Sure Start which provides hardware-enforced, self-healing protection that automatically recovers the BIOS and other critical firmware. HP Sure Sense feature on the other hand harnesses the power of deep learning AI to identify and quarantine never-before-seen attacks, helping prevent infections before they happen.

With HP Sure Click, users can protect their PC from websites and attachments with malware, ransomware, or viruses with hardware-enforced security. The HP Sure View Reflect also instantly block prying eyes by making your screen appear to have a copper reflective finish when viewed from the side while the optional HP Privacy Camera has a physical shutter to protect from malicious surveillance.

IT Management
IT managers face great challenges when managing remote devices. Remote management capabilities from HP can help IT handle things from afar— like upgrades and security patches—without needing end users to do anything.

Windows 10 Pro and HP combine to deliver powerful security, collaboration, and connectivity features.

Battery life
A battery that can go the whole day should be standard for remote work where access to power may or may not be readily available.

HP EliteBook Series provides long battery life that should get users through a day of meetings without plugging in. They can then quickly recharge with HP Fast Charge technology, which gets you up to 50 per cent battery life in just 30 minutes of charging.

Remote work is here to stay, partly because employees themselves have embraced the concept. A mid-2020 study showed that knowledge workers, software developers, and IT professionals are all more productive when they work from home.

HP Elite Notebooks powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processors deliver security features that work together to create an always-on, always-acting, resilient defence.

They provide long battery life, vibrant sound, and performance that powers virtual collaboration. Smaller, lighter designs meet the demands of your multi-task, multi-place workday. The combination of premium hardware, a modern OS, and lightning-fast processors help work flow smoothly.

The HP EliteBook Series of laptops are now available in major electronic stores and through HP partners.

Originally published at Gulf business