Workshop On “Hi-Tech Enterprises & Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System Software” Held Online To Promote Sino-Pak Cooperation.

A Workshop On “Hi-Tech Enterprises & Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) System Software” Was Held Online To Promote Sino-Pak Cooperation In Scientific And Technical Field.

According to Gwadar Pro, it was co-sponsored by Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association, Zhongguancun Federation of Social Organizations and Government College University Faisalabad. The workshop was aimed at enriching the knowledge and expertise of young talents and academicians in the practical application of emerging technologies.

Muhammad Junaid, the Science and Technology Counsellor of the Embassy of Pakistan in China, commented that this workshop can be a good platform for two countries’ communication and cooperation. He also encouraged Chinese companies to provide more high-quality products and services to Pakistan.

“As the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment between China and Pakistan is around the corner, we planned a series of activities related to that and have discussed them with the Pakistani Embassy in China,” said Ding Zhifeng, executive chairman of Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association. “We aim to promote educational exchanges, technological innovation and high-end talent cooperation between the two countries. We want to encourage more Pakistani students to study in China and start their businesses here,” he said.

Engr Jawed Salim Qureshi, Chairman of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), highly appreciates the rapid development of engineering technology in China in recent years. He hoped that young Pakistani engineers can improve their professional skills in Pak-China cooperation programs.

The PEC also decided to give 0.5 credits to participants of the workshop, which will be helpful for young Pakistani engineers’ career promotion and Chinese companies engaging in engineering business to enter Pakistan. Chinese companies including WellinTech, Didi, Laiye, Beijing Aerospace Measurement and Control Company and Tianjin Ringpu Bio-technology company participated in the event.

After introducing their business, products and demands for talent, they communicated with Pakistan companies and expressed their expectation to further cooperate with Pakistan scientific research institutes and enterprises. They also offered to provide more advanced products and services to Pakistan.

This news was originally published at Daily Times.