Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited, Machinery Lubricant Marketing Companies Of Pakistan Announced To Enter Into The Business Of Plastic Packaging.

By Ali Ahmed

The Company Informed That This Business Will Be Pursued Through The Existing Plant Site Of HTL Subsidiary Hi-Tech Blending (Pvt.) Ltd. (HTBL). Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited, One Of The Leading Synthetic Engine And Machinery Lubricant Marketing Companies Of Pakistan Has Announced To Enter Into The Business Of Plastic Packaging.

“We are pleased to announce that the executive management of HTL has decided to enter new business opportunities in the plastic packaging industry by venturing into the production of plastic products for external customers and third parties,” said HTL in a statement. The company informed that this business will be pursued through the existing plant site of HTL subsidiary Hi-Tech Blending (Pvt.) Ltd. (HTBL).

The company said that its subsidiary HTBL has been producing bottles for its own needs since 2016 for both its locally blended and locally filled products. “Having attained substantial experience in extrusion blow molding and injection molding, the company has been exploring the provision of similar plastic packaging to outside customers for some time,” it said.

HTL said that it has been approached by potential customers to provide various types of plastic bottles and informed that the processes for import and installation of requisite machinery in the extrusion blow molding machine and feeding recycling system section of the plant site of HTBL have been initiated for the production of various quality products for external customers and local third parties.

The company said it had initiated process of import and installation of 06/04 Head Double Station Machine for bottles of different types/sizes from 50 ml to 1000 ml for Fast Moving Consumer Products (FMCG), import and installation of multi-layer 2 head double station machine for oxygen sensitive products/bottles and import and installation of injection molding machine for caps, buckets and auto parts.

This news was originally published at B Recorder.