Yesterday Brought A New Bloomberg Report That Sony Was Tasking Some Of Its Smaller Studios With Doing Naughty Dog Busywork.

By Paul Tassi

Yesterday Brought A New Bloomberg Report That Sony Was Tasking Some Of Its Smaller Studios With Doing Naughty Dog Busywork. Bend, and a new, unnamed studio, were at one point supposed to be supporting Naughty Dog onprojects like Last of Us 2 multiplayer, a new Uncharted game, but perhaps most notably, a remaster of The Last of Us, said to still be ongoing.

This raised quite a few eyebrows, considering The Last of Us Part 2 just came out last year, The Last of Us 1 feels like it wasn’t out all that long ago, and it’s already been remastered once. How long ago was The Last of Us? This may make you feel a touch old. The game debuted on PS3 in 2013. The Last of Us Remastered was out the following year in 2014, meant to coincide with the launch of the PS4. But the game has continued to get performance patches and improvements since then.

The idea is that the Last of Us remake would be done on the Last of Us Part 2 engine and would look close to “that good” as a result. And yet going back in time, even all the way back to the PS3 era, The Last of Us was always a game ahead of its time visually.

In short, I have to agree with everyone more or less saying that this feels both unnecessary and too soon. In my estimations, remakes/remasters should be pretty transformative, and not really focus on series where a sequel just came out within uh, the past year. Case in point would be Diablo 2 Resurrected, a hugely transformative rework from Vicarious Visions for Blizzard. Or Mass Effect Legendary edition, where the first game was out in 2007, and this is the first time that anything about the trilogy has been fully remastered.

But 2013’s Last of Us, which has already seen one remaster? Even if that was still eight years ago, it just seems like the wrong use of resources, and so does the idea that the Uncharted games could be next, which again, already looked great at the time and have already been remastered once. These smaller studios should be cultivating their own games, not remaking old things that don’t need to be remade for Naughty Dog as they work on new projects.

The Last of Us remake is not officially announced yet, so who knows if it will actually come to pass in the end. It’s a huge selling series and I imagine Sony believes it’s probably a good way to make some solid cash from the fanbase with a re-re-release. I mean, we’re about to get a third generation of GTA 5, probably, so they wouldn’t be alone. And yet, it feels weird and bad. I say don’t do it. Let those studios work on new projects, and let Naughty Dog continue to make new games.

This news was originally published at Forbes.