Intel DG2 GPUs Set To Become First Gaming Graphics Cards Spun Out Of Intel Xe-HPG Yarn, Something That Is Promised.

By Jacob Ridley

Intel may be in with an outside chance of competing with some of the best graphics cards around.

  • Release date: Expected late 2021
  • Architecture:  Xe-HPG
  • Max Cores: 4,096 (512 EUs)
  • Process: External, likely TSMC 7nm/6nm
  • Performance target: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 (rumoured)

Intel DG2 Gpus Are Set To Become The First Gaming Graphics Cards Spun Out Of The Intel Xe-HPG Yarn, Something That Is Promised To Be The Basis For Many More Competitive Gpus from the chipmaking goliath. It’s all set to kick off later this year, on a yet to be disclosed time and date, where we’ll see Intel put its best foot forward in hopes to heave open the hydraulic grip of Nvidia and AMD over gaming GPUs.

There are two key battles in PC gaming hardware: Intel vs AMD and AMD vs Nvidia. It’s been that way for millennia. Or a handful of decades, at least. Yet that could be all about to change with Intel DG2 and the Xe-HPG architecture. Intel will be hoping to claim a stake of a market historically split between the red and green teams, and with it a share of the mammoth profits on offer from gaming GPUs.

Intel isn’t entirely a stranger to the GPU market, either, as it’s one of the largest GPU makers in the world by sheer volume. All but a few Intel CPUs come with an integrated GPU, and while that won’t mean all that much to gamers, that silicon actually forms the basis of Intel Xe-HPG, the architecture powering Intel’s high-end gaming dreams.

This news was originally published at PC Gamer.