Major reward increase for reporting environmental violations

Whistleblowers who alert authorities about major environmental violations will be eligible for rewards of up to 500,000 yuan (US$76,450) beginning on June 5 from the present ceiling of 50,000 yuan.

Major reward increase for reporting environmental violations

By Hu Min

The increase is based on an amended version of the Shanghai ecological and environmental violations tip-off rewards rule which takes effect on June 5, World Environment Day, the Shanghai Bureau of Ecology and Environment said.

The amended version also expands the scope of violations for tip-off eligible for rewards to include soil pollution, medical waste and water source pollution.

The reward amount is based on hazard levels and the amount of fines imposed on offenders, and will be increased if suspension of production, detention and crimes are involved.

For simple cases, the reward amount ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 yuan.

The amended version aims to encourage tip-offs to help authorities locate and crack down on irregularities more efficiently.

Employees are encouraged to tip off their working units if they are spotted polluting and damaging the environment.

Tip-offs can be made via 12345, a 24-hour government-run public service hotline, 12369, the environmental protection tip-off hotline, the “12369 environmental protection tip-off” WeChat account or the bureau’s website.

Originally published at Shine