The Rise Of Likee, Another Short Video Platform That Has Risen To No. 4 On The Local Google Play Store Leaderboard.

The world of social media has gone extensive. From the days of Orkut to an ever-expanding landscape that we are witnessing today, evolution has become the hallmark of this field. We started the modern timeline with Facebook. Then came Instagram and Youtube. Today however, the short videos format is taking over this domain at a rapid pace.

The popularityof short video format hasinspired many major platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and even YouTube to develop stories or ‘Shorts’ categories to keep their users engaged. In Pakistan, a significantly expanding community uploading videos on these platforms has enabled The Rise Of Likee, Another Short Video Platform That Has Risen To No. 4 On The Local Google Play Store Leaderboard.

Likee is a Singapore-based service that has captured the attention of users across the country. It is the youth in particular that is driving its popularity. It enables individuals to post and highlight parts of their life that they are passionate about. Their engagement drives both upcoming and leading brands to bring influencers on board in promoting their respective products or services.

This is a unique combination of talent and marketing that works wonders for all those involved. From lifestyle to fashion, from tech to comedy, there is a vast array of fields which are receiving attention on Likee. Users of Likee or ‘Likers’ as they are more commonly known are enjoying the recognition that they receive for their work.

“As a girl, I’ve always loved cosmetics and been inspired by the world of makeup. Having a knack for it, I began uploading short videos on Likee just for the love of it. Today, I’ve accumulated a substantial following that adores watching my content just as much as I enjoy making it. The feeling is truly incredible to connect with like-minded people while growing into a community of fashion enthusiasts”, said Afia Ahmed as she talked about what inspires her to create videos on the platform.

So far, Likee has garnered over 500M+ downloads on Google Play Store alone. The platform launched its operations in Pakistan with a localized version after it hit more than a million downloads during December 2020. The app features creators who target a growing audience that enjoys the short video format and serves as a marketing medium for various brands.

“There is something about the short video format that has captured a lot of eyeballs in the last couple of years. I personally always thought that I had a humorous side and recently I began uploading to Likee just to test the waters. I have made a lot of followers and have met numerous people from the comedy genre which has aided me in growing my network as well as polishing my skills at the same time” said another creator known as OyeUmair as he shed light on his content.

All in all, Likee is poised to aid shifting market dynamics while enabling the creative members of the society in Pakistan to have an effective outlet for what they love doing. Apps like these are opening new horizons and are taking social media as we know it, to a different level.