We Saw So Much Promise For Future Of Live Tech Games In The Beta Launch Of Our First App And We Were Delighted Our Investors Felt The Same.

By George Miller

‘Raising investment in one lockdown was a challenge and we never expected to have to do it for a second round. We Saw So Much Promise For The Future Of Live Tech Games In The Beta Launch Of Our First App And We Were Delighted Our Investors Felt The Same.

The early success points towards a growing commercial opportunity in the B2B and media sectors and this incredible investment will allow us to reinforce the potential Live Tech Games has to be a leading industry pioneer.’ says Nathan Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Live Tech Games. Live Tech Games is a unique platform that combines mobile entertainment and live gaming tournaments, on an exclusive as well as a national scale.

It fills the gap in the mobile gaming industry for live, light-hearted games; competitive but inclusive; commitment-free and with the capacity for high reward. Its first app Roshambo Live thrilled UK players with its simple but iconic concept: live, knock-out rounds of Rock Paper Scissors, beating out opponents for the chance to win £1,000. Free to play and taking just five minutes, Roshambo Live has brought excitement and adrenaline to players up and down a country in lockdown.

With an unexpected year of lockdowns, Live Tech Games pivoted its offering to provide private, company-specific games. HR departments have used Roshambo Live to connect with workforces whilst they work from home, and pubs and bars are already signing up to host private Roshambo Live games in their venues as we start to move out of lockdown.

The unique capability of the technology to offer both a nationwide game for thousands of players, and private games that are specific to venues and offices, sets Live Tech Games leagues above other studios launching this year. Currently relanching Roshambo Live following the open beta last year, the initial player stats have been extremely positive showing great user engagement and feedback, with the app reaching #3 in the App Store charts within just a week of its relaunch.

The app grew steadily, proving much more popular than anticipated in the open beta stage and organically creating a dedicated and thriving community of Roshambo Live players. Whilst it began as a competitive live gaming experience with high rewards, Roshambo Live has also opened up a space for connection and a socially distanced thrill throughout lockdown. With its standalone technology for live, knock-out tournament-style rounds of simple, family-friendly games, Roshambo Live pairs players up across the country making it possible to connect with family and friends from a safe distance.

Challenging other households and comparing scores on weekly boards has proven a great way to connect across lockdowns and introduce games to the ‘non-gamers’. Live Tech Games was created by Co-CEOs and Founders Nathan Moore and Samuel Worsley after leaving Microsoft to build their own business, less than two years ago. At Microsoft they both gained invaluable experience in software and managing tech development teams, and brought this into their creation of Live Tech Games, a platform focused on delivering B2B and B2C live entertainment experiences for the nation.

This news was originally published at European Gaming.