Previous research revealed a link between Australasian DNA and Amazonian groups but recent study has found it running deeper than believed

Previous research from 2015 first revealed a link between Australasian DNA from early humans and Amazonian groups but the most recent study has found it’s even running deeper than previously believed (Deep genetic affinity between coastal Pacific and Amazonian natives evidenced by Australasian ancestry).

According to a Mail Online report, Australia is believed to be the most isolated continent on this planet although DNA from early indigenous groups spread across the world and particularly into the South American tribes’ ancient bloodline.

A genomic assessment of individuals from some indigenous South American groups unveiled hallmarks of Australasian influence in Brazil and Peru and presented it as a pioneer in introducing through the Pacific coastal route prior to the formation of the Amazonian branch.

Although the study results may ignite an amazing story of ancient Australians who crossed the Pacific Ocean to South America via boats, the new genomic model exhibits no evidence of an expedition, but they walked, instead.

A similar The Journal Daily report said that the research team conducted this study on previous researchers who discovered the Australian population genomic component ‘Ypikuera population’ or ‘Y population’ exclusively among the modern Amazonian populations.

Essentially, the study investigators collected genomic data from 383 participants, resulting in 438,443 markers from different indigenous tribes in South America.

Following the analysis, the research team discovered that the Y signal just exists in Amazonian tribes, but in Chotuna’s indigenous people as well, living close to the Pacific coast of Peru, central west Brazil or Guarani Kaiowa, and near the center of Brazil or Xavante.

According to the study authors led by Marcos AraujoCastro e Silva, the study’s first author an evolutionary biologist at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, their results showed that the Australasian genetic signal, formerly described as exclusive to Amazonian tribes, were identified too, in the Pacific coastal population, referring to the more widespread distribution of signal across South America and possibly involving an early contact between Amazonian and Pacific dwellers.

Furthermore, the findings exposed too, that there was at least a pair of migratory waves of ancient people in South America, who have Australasian genetic DNA.

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Originally published at Science Times