according to LeaksApplePro the redesign plans involve a 12-core M1x processor

There have been some developments in regard to the Apple iMac lately: Some SKUs were discontinued and new devices were spotted in macOS code. So unsurprisingly there are plenty of rumors flying around about what Apple may have in store for a redesigned iMac, and according to LeaksApplePro the redesign plans involve a 12-core M1x based processor. An Apple Silicon iMac is expected to be revealed this year, but it could be unveiled much sooner than expected, and in up to a considerable 31.5-inch form.

The leaker starts the rumor tweet with production details, with the redesigned iMac apparently almost ready for the world: “ready in 1 or 2 months”. The already revealed model numbers are then linked to screen sizes, with the J456 model being the 24-inch variant and the J457 model supposedly being the 31.5-inch iMac. There’s also mention of a “redesigned cooling system”, which will allow an M1 or M1X iMac to utilize its potent Apple Silicon to its fullest potential, and there is also a note about narrower bezels. Even the alleged 2021 iMac color choices are detailed: silver, space gray, green, sky blue, and rose gold.

But for most, the important information concerns the M1 processor, or in this case, the M1-based chip. The Apple M1 currently found in devices like the 2020 Mac mini is an 8-core SoC; however, according to the tech tipster the redesigned iMac is going to pack a 12-core part that also has 16 GPU cores (the M1 has eight GPU cores although the 2020 MacBook Air base model has a 7-core variant). The specs match with what is rumored for the potential M1X, with eight out of the 12 CPU cores being high-performance Firestorm units operating at up to 3.2 GHz. So this “M1-based processor” for the 2021 iMacs will obviously offer the same maximum clock as the regular M1 Apple Silicon but with more CPU and GPU cores for greater workload performance.


Originally Published at Notebook Check