LEGEE Robot Mop And Vacuum – Automatic Smart Spray Cleaner for Hard Floorings

The Legee-688, a robot cleaner with smart navigation, launched by Home Robot LLC. The new Robot Mop And Vacuum device offers 7 cleaning modes, precision corner cleaning and smart spray technology.

LEGEE Robot Mop And Vacuum – Automatic Smart Spray Cleaner for Hard Floorings

By Fort Walton Beach

Home Robot LLC, robotic technology specialists based in Fort Walton Beach, FL, have launched the Hobot Legee-688, a robot mop-vacuum cleaner with smart navigation technology.

The Hobot Legee-688 features advanced Talent Clean technology. This innovative design gives customers a choice of 7 different cleaning modes for a range of applications. These include standard, kitchen, polish, dry, strong, eco and a customised mode with adjustable parameters.

The global market for robot cleaners is currently estimated to be worth almost $9 billion as increasing numbers of people look to smart technology to assist with traditionally manual cleaning tasks. The Legee’s patented smart navigation system uses 3 long lasers to guide the robot as it cleans, utilizing an onboard e-compass, a 360 degree encoder and position estimation technology to offer comprehensive cleaning for any space.

The newly launched Legee-688 features three cleaning routes: zigzag, wall-follow and auto cleaning. An optimized auto-cleaning route divides larger spaces into smaller squares for complete coverage.

The Legee-688 also houses Hobot’s patented FastBrush, offering 4-in-1 cleaning through a vacuum, side brush, dry and wet mopping, as well as a temperature-controlled AI smart spray. In addition, the use of micro fiber cloth ensures no residue is left on floors, while the unique D-shaped design and long side brush enables more effective corner and narrow space cleaning than other robotic cleaners on the market today.

Home Robot LLC, are the official supplier and authorized distributor for Hobot Technology Inc. The company are dedicated to providing advanced robotic technology from around the world to the North American market. 10% of company profits are donated to the support and development of science and technology projects in the local community.

According to a Home Robot LLC spokesperson, “Our vision is to promote a world where science and technology are embraced as a part of everyday life. We represent Hobot Technology Inc. because of innovative concepts they bring to the industry of home robots.”

Through the launch of the Legee-688 robot mop-vacuum cleaner, Home Robot LLC continue to expand their comprehensive range of advanced technological cleaning devices. 

Originally published at Intrado globe news wire