Hyundai Mobis to shift its focus from automotive component hardware to software and transform into a mobility platform company.

Hyundai Mobis announced on March 31 that it will shift its focus from automotive component hardware to software and transform its business model into a mobility platform company.

Hyundai Mobis unveiled its mid- to long-term strategy “Transformation X-Y-Z” at the 2021 Hyundai Mobis Strategies and New Technologies Conference held at the R&D headquarters in Gyeonggi Province.

Hyundai Mobis said it will reinforce its technologies in compliance with Hyundai Motor Group’s future strategy in electric vehicles, autonomous driving and urban air mobility (UAM).

To this end, Hyundai Mobis will push for innovation (Transformation X) as a global player. It is planning to expand its business to global automakers by strengthening its core technological competences in the fields of autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity. It also plans to expand cooperation with various global high-tech companies with big growth potential just as it made strategic investments in Velodyne, the No. 1 lidar company in the world.

Based on its core technological capabilities, Hyundai Mobis is planning to innovate its business model (Transformation Y). The company is currently developing a Level 4 self-driving robot taxi with Yandex, a Russian IT company, giving shape to a new mobility service business model.

In addition, Hyundai Mobis is planning to discover long-term new businesses through Transformation Z in areas other than the automobile business to prepare for the future at least 10 years from now.

Hyundai Mobis also unveiled “M.Vision X” and “M.Vision POP,” concept vehicles for urban shared future mobility.

M. Vision X is a four-seater purpose-based mobility. It is a new concept of “wheel-drive personal space” where you can enjoy watching performances and parties from inside. It is also possible for passengers to sit face to face with each other by freely adjusting the positions and directions of the seats. The glass window, which is surrounded by 360 degrees inside the vehicle, is a virtual space wall that allows passengers to create an atmosphere and a theme they want. The entire window can show sports events or performances.

Vertical cockpit, located in the middle, is a combination of new technologies with a 28-inch display. This integrated center cockpit communicates with passengers in a contact-free fashion using the gesture recognition functions. It allows passengers to control all functions related to driving such as the autonomous driving mode and infotainment.

M. Vision POP is an electric vehicle-based ultra-small mobility that focuses on entertaining passengers through new technologies. Its biggest feature is the introduction of “Phobility” technology that allows smartphones to be inserted into the steering wheel to control all functions of the vehicle.

Another feature is that the four wheels of the vehicle can rotate to 180 degrees, allowing crab driving to move sideways like a crab or 360 degrees of rotation. In particular, this technology can realize the vehicle’s parallel parking.

“We are aiming to commercialize M. Vision POP within five years,” said Lee Seung-hwan, cell leader of Hyundai Mobis Creative UX.

Originally published at Business Korea