Wolfpack Will Be Better Positioned To Enable Companies To Gain Insight Into Risks Facing Their Digital Growth Strategy, Through ZeroFox.

CSSA, sole distributor for ZeroFOX on the African continent, recognises Wolfpack’s proven track record in driving the protection of companies around Africa against threats such as social media impersonations, fraudulent activities, reputational damage and account hacking. In turn, Wolfpack, As A Leading Local Information Risk Company Will Be Better Positioned To Enable Companies To Gain Insight Into The Risks Facing Their Digital Growth Strategy, Through The Zerofox Relationship.

With a single view of all digital threats the ZeroFOX platform delivers automated threat detection, full remediation across social, mobile, digital, and collaboration platforms, and can be accessed from anywhere at any time, across all digital sources.

“ZeroFOX protects what matters most – your brands, executives, locations, domains, and assets. Digital attacks run rampant and companies face actual threats on social media platforms 24/7. Companies need to take back control and look for solutions to detect, respond and resolve these threats swiftly and successfully,” said Craig Rosewarne, MD of Wolfpack Information Risk.

“The ZeroFOX solution gives us the means to rapidly reduce these risks effectively and help safeguard enterprises from dynamic security risks across all public platforms, social media and much more.” Industries benefitting from ZeroFOX’s advanced capabilities include financial services, medical, sports, entertainment, retail, government, healthcare, education and tech-hubs. ZeroFOX enables management to:

  • Gain visibility and achieve compliance across social media and external assets
  • Protect their talent’s brand building and when their content goes viral
  • Gain critical visibility, find scams and counterfeit goods sold on online marketplaces
  • Protect constituents and high-profile administration officials across the public attack surface
  • Protect patient health data against information leakage and maintain compliance
  • Protect students and campus communities against targeted attacks and IP leakage
  • Stop cyber-criminals from scamming customers and targeting employees.

Digital transformation has created a new public attack surface that is vast and evolving. Security teams lack the visibility and control necessary to protect their assets, people and customers across the surface, deep and dark web, social media, mobile app stores, email, and collaboration platforms. By using diverse data sources and artificial intelligence-based analysis, the ZeroFOX platform identifies and remediates targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data theft, impersonations, brand hijacking, executive and location threats.

Backed by Intel, ZeroFOX provides the only comprehensive digital risk protection offering, combining visibility, AI-driven analysis, and remediation to not only find threats, but disrupt them, thereby providing comprehensive, personalised protection from social threats without forcing organizations to adopt a new security infrastructure.

This news was originally published at Engineering News.