The Black Shark 4 With China ROM Will Have A New Security Lock System That Bans 3rd Party Google Mobile Service Installers.

By Kok Kee

The New Black Shark 4 Series Of Gaming Smartphones Have Been Announced In China – And I Have Loved Its Predecessor To The Point Where I Called It One Of The Best Gaming Phones Of 2020. I know that fans are eager to purchase and try out the new Black Shark 4 series of gaming smartphones for yourselves (me included), unfortunately – we’ll have to be patient and wait for the global version of the Black Shark 4 series of gaming smartphones.

From what I was told, there are a few things to take note of – particularly because the China ROM versions aren’t meant to be sold outside of the country. That is because the new Black Shark 4 introduced a few new quirks. The Black Shark 4 with China ROM will have a new security lock system that bans 3rd party Google Mobile Service installers.

Even if someone managed to install the Google Mobile Services into the Black Shark 4 with China ROM, its functionality is affected. A few examples are:

  • Most games will face crashing issue
  • Can’t install the Google Play Store app
  • GPS doesn’t function properly
  • Apps are laggy

Also, I think it’s just not a good idea to buy imported versions since you won’t get after-sales service or claim warranty too. Especially with the Black Shark 4’s magnetic pop-up triggers, those buttons aren’t easy to fix. That is why the warranty is important for this unique gaming smartphone. As of now, we still don’t have the official release date of the Black Shark 4 in Malaysia yet – but we know that it’s coming soon. Because Black Shark Malaysia sent us this.

I definitely can’t wait for the Black Shark 4 series since both the base model and also the Black Shark 4 Pro have the magnificent magnetic pop-up shoulder buttons. And one of the biggest upgrades this time is – of course – the inclusion of a massive 6.67-inch 144Hz OLED screen which makes it a great gaming experience. And we will definitely review the Black Shark 4 gaming smartphone and maybe even another comparison between the ROG Phone 5 and the Black Shark 4 too.

This news was originally published at Nasile Mak Tech.